In his recent book, Hidden Potential, Adam Grant argues that innate talent is overrated. Somewhat surprisingly, he also shows that courses for learning related skills, or coaching programs, are not the main keys to releasing potential. He shows from a range of studies, that developing character qualities such as persistence, discipline, and resilience, are far more important for an individual or a team to achieve greater things.


Potential can be frustrating. 

A young person with obvious talent but without personal disciplines in place will often be overtaken by the less talented person who simply keeps turning up. The old story of the hare and the tortoise is often true. Companies that hire on talent can be let down because their recruits often disappoint. Without personal discipline and resilience, they can fall at the first or second difficult hurdle they meet.  

I see business owners who start out with a flurry of growth because they have excellent technical skills. They grow their business quickly and find it easy to attract new clients. However, if they do not adjust and put in the hard yards learning what it takes to become a leader working with and through their team, their fast growth can come crashing down.  

I’ve seen people with inventions of enormous potential. The challenges related to finding an investor to fund the development of a prototype and helping them take their new product or service to market requires a lot of tenacity and resilience. Hence many great ideas are aborted.


Business Success is a personal growth journey. 

If your business is not growing, it is usually a sign that you are not growing. If you hit a plateau in your personal growth so will your business. As John Maxwell outlines, in his The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, you are the LID on your business. Your leadership level must keep rising if your life and business is going to keep growing.   

This uncomfortable truth means that sustainable long-term success requires a business owner to make a commitment to life-long learning. In my own case, to be adding value as a business mentor, I am always reading, keeping up with the latest books and articles, and watching new trends. For example, this past few months, I have been researching and experimenting with ChatGPT to discover the many benefits and some possible distractions for business. (Incidentally, I am writing this article, but the title did come from ChatGPT.)


Releasing the power of a team 

I recently wrote a 3-part article about learning to become a leader who can empower your team, you can check those below:

It is a little like learning to see the diamond in the dirt. The potential in a team is not always obvious. Hiring a few people to do a role within your business does not make a team. It requires learning some simple leadership skills. More than that, as Adam Grant says, it requires doing the work on yourself to become a leader. Then you can create the environment for people to flourish and work together as a team. Businesses are so much more effective when people become a team and learn to work together.   

If you do not grow and develop the characteristics of a leader, then the potential in you and your team will frustrate you as it is frittered away day by day.


Checking in with you 

As we head towards to end of another year, how are you going?  

Many business owners I speak to are working too hard, doing way too much. They are quite dissatisfied with their team. And as we hit November, they are tired.  

Does that describe you or someone you know?  

If so, can I encourage you to reach out and book an obligation free call to talk about your situation. I am confident I can give you some clues about how you could refresh your business strategy to give you hope that 2024 can be a different kind of year for you.  

I firmly believe you can achieve business growth, build an empowered team, and create a great lifestyle for you and your family.  


Don’t delay 

If you do not have clear vision for this season in your business or for your life, do not wait another day. An old proverb wisely says, “Without vision people live carelessly”. Foggy vision is dangerous. Don’t wait any longer. Let me help you re-envision your world and get your focus and your energy restored.



Over the years I’ve written many articles about potential and success! Here are a few of my favourites to help you integrate your work into all other parts of your life.

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