A business owner must learn how to lead people


How to turn your employees into an empowered team

Do you have helpers awaiting instruction or an empowered team?


Employees in the same business do not automatically become team.

I work in many businesses with multiple employees. In my experience, very few business owners have learned the skills to turn those employees into a high functioning team. A group of people employed by the same business is not automatically a team. Even when they are working in the same location, that does not make them a team.

Most employees are hired to do a specific job. They seek to understand what their job entails. They are assessed on how well they perform the tasks related to that job. They relate to other employees in the workplace. Some more closely than others depending on personality and common interests. They may not even talk to other employees who are doing a different function, or who seem to be uninterested in connecting with them.

I know of workplaces where it is deathly quiet almost all day as everyone is sitting working at their computer. Employees relate to each other only occasionally, and if they have a problem they speak to their manager or the business owner.

Another workplace I remember there were two strong personalities (not the business owner) who dominated the atmosphere, and everyone else had to fit in with them. Employee churn was high. Any sense of a team environment was illusory.


Every business owner can learn to create an empowered team.


– A business owner must learn how to lead people.

  • This involves consistently articulating clear vision in meaningful ways so that vision is caught and clearly understood by all. [NB. Most business owners I work with cannot articulate their vision clearly to me. It is one of the first things we work on.]
  • It involves developing (with key staff members) and implementing a clear strategic plan which everyone understands and owns and is committed to achieving.
  • They must create a great atmosphere within which to work. Set a positive tone that is consistent. A successful business owner cannot be continuously moody or negative.
  • Leadership involves being willing to learn how to work with and through people rather than doing everything yourself. This means the business owner needs to invest in building healthy relationships with each of their people. They need to get buy-in from all the employees. They must find out what skills and passions they have in their people. It is a two-way street, not just about the employee serving the business.
  • They must help each employee to see how they are making a difference in the lives of others through what they do each day at this company.
  • They need to assess employee and team productivity based on outcomes rather than hours spent at the workplace. Employees in a healthy workplace want to know how to measure whether they are making a positive contribution.
  • Employees need to be empowered to make decisions relevant to their role so they can fully take responsibility for the outcomes associated with their role.
  • Mistakes should be learning opportunities. Suggestions should be welcomed and if helpful, adopted. Employees need to feel like it is their workplace. Their company.

– Things that will improve when your leadership skills develop:

  • Your own confidence
  • Your communication skills
  • Team relationships
  • Team harmony
  • Employee motivation and engagement
  • Staff retention
  • Productivity

– How can a business owner become a better leader?

Once you create a more empowered team environment, the side benefit is that you, the business owner, will not be needed for every decision. You will free yourself up. You will have a business that runs well even when you are not there. Every business owner goes into business to find greater freedom, flexibility, and fulfilment in their lives. Learning leadership skills is the pathway to attain that elusive dream.

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NB. There is so much good material on high performance teams – E.g., How to Build a High Performing Team | The Complete Guide



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