Small Business Essentials – Group Mentoring Program

Small Business Essentials has been carefully developed after working successfully with many business owners over the past 7 years. Implementing the key lessons of this course will help you get the results you deserve for your business AND your lifestyle

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whats the planA business planning day with a difference!

This Quarterly Planning Day is a powerful investment into your business success allowing you to put clear plans in place AND create good momentum!

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Take Back Control Program

The entire program is about creating YOUR strategy to implement your ‘whole of life’ Master Plan for 2017 ensuring that your business/career goals are set and aligned to the whole of your life.

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Smart Work with MS Outlook

This one-day program combines modern productivity strategies with hands-on practical implementation using MS Outlook.

Participants not only learn to work more productively in this session, they actually get organised before they leave, increasing the chances of lasting behavioural change.

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INTEGRATE: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth | John Drury

Integrate: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle

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