‘Small Business Essentials’

Group Mentoring Program

Are you a hard working, ambitious business owner who wants more? You want more from your life and more from your business but you seem to be spinning your wheels working harder for not much gain?

Where is the profit?

Where is the revenue?

Where is the time with the kids?

Where is the energy to keep going?????

“John is an inspiration and certainly knows how to mentor and take you further than you can see. He gets right beside you, he gives you belief to pursue and endure the challenges that life and work possess. A must for any individual or organisation no matter the size.”

Richard Nassif, RN Printing, Sydney

You are not alone. Over the past 7 years many business owners have come to me seeking answers.

The answers aren’t in more information, another course, a new employee or a magical pill.

The answer is in getting into the foundations.  Making sure the foundations are strong so they can support business growth

After all, any structure without strong foundations, will just collapse under pressure.

This group mentoring program has been created so business owners just like you can gain access to the type of support and community that will help propel you from where you are, stuck and frustrated, to where you want to be …. energised and thriving.

You CAN be confident that your Small Business will be Successful!

We will help you work on your – Self. Strategy. Staff.

In a post-Covid-19 business environment, this is a great opportunity to get your business on firm foundations.


I am an owner/operator of Computer Troubleshooters Rowville.

I attended a seminar where John did a presentation about the 10 essentials of a small business. I realized that there were areas in my business that I was lacking in. I decided to join John’s group mentoring program to get some help in developing this areas.

Prior to working with John, I was busy working in the business but was not taking time to plan on how can I can run the business better.

John has helped me to more clearly identify my passion, purpose, identify and values and how to transfer this to my business and the way I work with my clients. His valuable presentations and question and answer sessions has helped me think and plan better in running of my business and personal life too..

I now have implemented monitoring and reminder tool to run the business more efficiently and take regular time outs to work on my business and personal goals

I would highly recommend joining John’s mentoring program if you like me want to be working on your business rather than just working in the business.

Raj Rajamani, Computer Troubleshooters - Rowville, Rowville

Small Business Essentials has been carefully developed after working successfully with many business owners over the past 7 years. Implementing the key lessons of this course will help you get the results you deserve for your business AND your lifestyle

And NOW I would love to share it with you.

What are the top 10 Small Business Essentials?

* WHO are you?
* WHY this Business?
* WHAT is your financial structure?
* WHO do you do it for?
* HOW do you deliver?
* HOW do you win?
* WHAT do you measure?
* WHO helps you?
* HOW do you train a team?
* WHAT is your Exit Strategy?

Your MARKETING plans
Your SALES Process

These are the top 10 Small Business Essentials that MUST be implemented in order to lay the foundation for a successful business and lifestyle.

“John Drury is an absolute professional. So kind and calm. The best listener! His ability to help me get the ‘balance’ in life has been wonderful. Every time I met with John I got a drop of gold to use in my life. He has such insight and caring and asks the right questions. I highly recommend taking the time to invest in yourself through John’s eyes.”

Rebecca Kidner, Tiny Toes Ballet School, Sydney Hills Businesswoman of the Year 2017

What is Business ESSENTIALS Group Mentoring?

A mentoring program that will ensure you are working on THE 10 ESSENTIAL areas of your business.

You will learn from my 30 years business leadership experience as well as the latest strategies that are helping my clients and I grow our businesses.

Implementation NOT JUST Information and Inspiration. Let me help you make decisions and make things happen.

A whole of life approach that will help you build a successful business AND create a great lifestyle for yourself and your family.


Who should apply for Business Essentials?

Business Owners who are:

Ambitious and hard-working

Aware they need help to breakthrough their limitations

In business to create a great lifestyle for themselves and their family

Willing to carve out at least 3 hours per week to work on their business.

Proud of what they have achieved but not satisfied

Ready to grow their team


Who should NOT apply for Business Essentials?

Business Owners who:

Want a silver bullet

Want a done for you program

Do not want to change

Will not take responsibility for their actions and results

“I have been working with John as part of a group program alongside other business owners in my franchise for 5 months now. We have learned about ourselves, our ideal client and how to reach them and how to manage our businesses and staff, in the way most comfortable for each of us. I see the course as a tailored learning style in which you are taught how to come up with your own success strategies and philosophies, that fit with the way you like to think and work. Already I have seen real results in the form of new clients of exactly the type we like to work with approaching us to work together. I feel more in control of my business and where I want it to go, but most importantly how I am going to get there. It is great to be able to share with the group and come across those eureka moments when another group member mentions something you hadn’t even thought of, and to be able to provide that moment to another. I look forward to the remainder of the group course, and I already intend to request the services of John once again as I grow to my next stage, and I will bet he can’t wait to check in on me.”

James Davidson, Managing Director, Computer Troubleshooters Bunbury, W.A.

Benefits of Group Mentoring

  • Gain access to a leading business mentor at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one mentoring
  • Learn and implement across the 10 essential areas that make or break any business.
  • Implement the key learnings to your business each month
  • Accountability to ensure you implement what you learn.
  • The shared journey and wisdom of other business owners in the group
  • Lay (or reset) strong foundations for a successful business.
  • You will save years of painful trial and error
  • Business Growth over the 10 months

How many in the group?

A maximum of 10 business owners.

How will the group operate ?


Upon acceptance into the program there will be an extensive questionnaire, an Extended DISC Personality Assessment and a 1-1 session to help me make sure I know you and your business quickly and intimately.

How will the group operate ?

Each month:

Week 1 – Review a 25-minute video introduction of the topic and answer the questions to help you apply to your business

Week 2 – 90 minute live group session via video call to embed learning and create action steps for particular issues in your business

Week 3 – Implement action steps and write down questions that arise for you.

Week 4 – Online Q & A session to continue learning and growth and make sure no-one gets stuck

Special Bonuses for Mentoring Group

  • Free Extended DISC Personality Assessment and Consultation with John (Valued at $660)
  • Free Copy of John’s book – “Integrate – why work-life balance is a myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle.” (usually $29.95)

When does the next group mentoring programs start?

February 2021.

How much will it cost?

$550 per month x 10 months; or $5000 (if paid in full in advance)

Service Guarantee

If you are not happy with the program at the end of the first month, you can withdraw and receive a full refund.

What’s possible?

If you engage fully in the program and implement the learning you can increase your turnover by 10% during the program, and set yourself up for years of growth into the future.

“John takes a holistic approach when it comes to coaching. He works with the leader (s) in the business to ensure that business goals are reached collaboratively. He is a man of knowledge, integrity and brings a degree of fun and calmness to the process.”

Alex Hezari, Taylor Nicholas Hills Commercial Real Estate

INTEGRATE: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth | John Drury

Integrate: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle

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