To re-learn how to lead yourself well in this season AND increase your capacity for life and work NOW.


High achievers who are used to success, even when they ‘wing it’.

You have hit the season of life where you are stretched more than ever.

You have a partner with a busy career, active kids, a demanding career or business, with opportunity for much more.

You feel like to you do not have enough time for your wider family and friends anymore.

And time to just be or to work on your own health and fitness is scarce.

Life has become more complex than you thought it would be.

Nothing is working smoothly.

You feel like your capacity is nearing your limits.

You are not sure how to be more productive.

You have recently had some scary moments where you have felt like you could lose it emotionally.

A bit like hitting the wall.

You know working harder is not the answer.

You wonder if there is something wrong with you.


There is nothing wrong with you.

You are normal.

Just that life is way more complex than you can make work anymore without taking some time to hit pause and do some personal work on you.


I have been where you are.

Providing great benefit to others at my expense.

I kept going too long.

I could function on the outside, but I became lost on the inside.

I could not relax.

I did not know what to do other than work.

I started to make poor decisions in my personal life which led to loss of my marriage and my career.

It was a shattering experience for me and my family.

It was many years before I could reconnect with my daughters in a close way.

I have rebuilt my life, and finances, and created a successful new career.


To help high achievers integrate their work with all that is precious in their world so they can achieve the success they desire AND build a great lifestyle for themselves and their family.

Turning high achievers into consistently high performers.


This is based on my book Integrate



1Introductions: to self-leadership model, Extended DISC, Questionnaire
2Self-respect – the foundation of self-leadership
3Uncovering and Dealing with Insecurity
4Resilience skills, overcoming subtle self-sabotage
5Vision and values – what do you want from your work, and your life?
6Reset – embedding self-respect – makes you healthy inside
7Self-care – How to replenish emotionally and disengage from work?
8Self-care strategies that will work for you
9Rhythm of life – creating a rhythm of life that works for you
10Energy mapping – learn how you can always have energy
11Setting boundaries – relationship spaces, margins, more.
12Reset – embedding self-care – leads to more energy
13Establishing priorities – life mapping, what is truly precious?
14Set SMART ‘Whole of Life’ Goals
15Making your life work – Implementing your goals – 90 Day Planning
16Daily Habits – establishing a powerful daily routine that releases you
17Reset – embedding self-management – makes this sustainable
18Summarise the new you, increased productivity and capacity.



A space away from your office where you are free to think, talk and dream.

Can be a café or a restaurant or a private boardroom.



This program has been designed to help develop the mindset and the new habits you need to become a consistently high performer.

This program has been designed to be integrated into your life and for you to implement the principles that the program delivers month by month.

You will be building upon your existing strengths, establishing new habits, and learning new information – with someone to guide you along the way.

We will meet together monthly – somewhere away from your office where you can think and reflect uninterrupted.

Your Investment: $16,500 (incl. GST)

To be paid monthly upon invoice for 15 months (final 3 months are fee free)



“I first engaged with John over 18 months ago. At the beginning of the working relationship with John, my outlook was murky and was driven by reaction rather than responses. I worked very hard in my business, for my staff and for my clients. I found myself with very little time left at the end of the day, which I found was not enough to be satisfied outside of work. John taught me how to properly view self-respect and boundaries and how to confidently draw those lines within a professional setting and eventually, in a personal setting. He did not only teach how to be accountable (which any podcast, book etc could) but actually how to become accountable. He taught and showed me how to see myself as the business leader that I was becoming. Now, I am more confident in how I lead myself and as such, how I lead the rest of the areas of my life and all those that are included in my circles. I wholeheartedly recommend John to all business owners who want to make their business work for them and achieve a satisfactory integration of their work and their life.”


Maria Valenzuela, Partner – HNT Legal

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