Increase your capacity to DO MORE by learning how you can BECOME MORE


In a world that has never felt more uncertain and out of control, the stressors of business are stretching even high achievers to their limits.

MORE is expected of business teams every day. Many are struggling to find the capacity or the motivation to keep stepping up. In this climate companies are losing good people.

Busy business leaders are ALWAYS ON in their personal and professional life. In their 40’s the honest ones admit they regularly hit their limits.

This is stressful, unsustainable, and often overwhelming in a world that is made more complicated by the ongoing uncertainties of a Covid-19 affected world.


In this keynote I point the way to how every high achiever can BECOME MORE so they can increase their capacity to DO MORE.

This message will help change thinking, and lead to changes in approach to life and work, changes that will bring encouraging results for individuals and for the businesses they serve.


John has spoken at multiple events of mine and has always added exceptional value to the audience.

With an easy-going style combined with expert knowledge on behavioural profiling tools and ways of getting the best out of yourself, he was always well received by my clients.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Nicola Moras

Online Business Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author and Serial Entrepreneur -
INTEGRATE: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth | John Drury

Integrate: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle

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