How does mentoring work?

Most of the issues that sabotage business success come from neglected areas of our personal lives (e.g. health, relationships, finances). My mentoring process enables busy high achievers to increase their CAPACITY and productivity by assisting them to integrate their personal life with the world of work.

Work life balance is a myth.

Anyone who is passionate is immediately out of balance. The challenge is to achieve significant business success and build a great lifestyle for you and those you love. In order to live a genuinely fulfilling life human beings need to see consistent progress across 8 key areas of life.

You need to plan your life as well as your business


Are you in the midst of the challenge of growing a successful
business AND building a great lifestyle for yourself and those
you love?

Why work-life
balance is a myth

‘Work life balance’ is a myth. It is an unhelpful concept that has never worked, especially for high achievers. Anyone who is driven to be successful will always be out of balance. However, business success does not have to be traded for your health or good relationships with the people you love.

In my book, INTEGRATE, I show how you can achieve significant business success AND build a great lifestyle. It all starts with taking a fresh look at yourself and being willing to make a few changes. Then I outline a simple process that enables anyone to integrate their busy work life with all that is precious in their world.

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Working with John has helped our team understand each others natural working styles. The Extended DISC profiles we participated in were very insightful, and totally non judgemental. It simply highlighted areas in which we work effortlessly. Hence giving us clarity in assigning tasks. As a result the level of frustrations have been reduced and we have achieved better efficiency in our work process as the right tasks are being assigned to the right people.

The process John took us through was different to other Business Mentoring processes we have experienced. I felt it was very practical and we walked away with skills to be able to perform better at work. John was very hands on in the process and really helped us work through challenges until we found a resolution.

As a bonus the same skills learned, are also useful in personal life! I highly recommend John Drury if you are willing and open to personal growth.

Sandra Lazarides

Managing Director - Inkredible Rebranding

John has been working with myself and my team for the last two years. He has helped me specifically in team structure and getting to the key issues very quickly… which have led to making strategic and wise decisions.

With a complex operation, John also is an invaluable part of my team now by keeping myself on track with my bigger picture goals.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending John for coaching and mentoring in team, management and leadership training and solutions.

David Croft

Director - LMLS Group Pty Limited

John is intuitive and insightful. He’s a great listener, good fun, and knows when and how to challenge. He also has a genuine care for the person behind the professional objectives.
I look forward to continuing the journey with John.

Justin Kendall

Community Relations Manager - Hope Media Limited
INTEGRATE: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth | John Drury

Integrate: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle

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