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John Drury's year end message

I was just thinking at the end of this year 2019, been reflecting on a few things as the year comes to an end. That’s how the busyness of every day can erode what’s really important in our lives, and then cause us to totally neglect the things that are really essential if we’re going to live a fulfilled life.

And the IMPORTANT THINGS that can be eroded away are the things like our relationships, or our health, or looking after our own downtime to replenish. And it’s important that we get those times and make sure the busyness doesn’t erode that.

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Are you neglecting the essential things for a fulfilled life?

So many of us are very busy with all the things we have to do every day, that we know we don’t give consistent quality time to the important things in our world. Things we’d like to be doing, like time with our partner and our children, time to look after our health and fitness, or our wider relationships with family, or just time to relax and be, wealth correction plans or personal growth plans.

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Do you have a wealth creation plan?

One of the important things that can be eroded away by the busyness of every day is wealth creation. So many people I come across, who are business owners, who have a corporate career, don’t have a wealth creation plan. They’re living well. They’re income is mostly going into their lifestyle. They’re enjoying that, but the challenge is, that if you own a business and you’ve got a good income, then a portion of that must be going into wealth creation.

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What do you do to replenish?

What do you do to replenish? to recharge? to re­-energise your world? I talked to some business leaders and they say to me, “Well, my work energises me. I don’t need anything else in my life. I love the challenge of what I do. It gets me going every day.”

It’s great that you love your work but the challenge is and the danger is that the adrenaline that kicks in when you’re really going for it and the challenge is on, it can become addictive. We can get addicted to our own adrenaline, and that’s one of the major causes of heart disease.

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How to nurture your key relationships

I want to focus on relationships today, especially, our close relationships with our partner, our children, our parents, our wider family and close friends.

The challenge is that the “busyness of every day” can undermine and erode away the time for these important relationships in our world. We don’t get as much time as we would like to invest in them and make sure they’re strong and they’re being nurtured.

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How to build resilience

Life can be very challenging, and business is usually tough. We all face setbacks and things that go against us, times when plans just don’t work out.

Our confidence can take a hit in those times. And then we make mistakes, we all do. And we’ve got to learn how to process the regrets and the pain and, maybe the guilt and the shame of those mistakes.

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Why work-life balance is a MYTH

How do you go with work/life balance? To me, it’s a really unhelpful term especially in the 21st century.

For passionate people who want to make a mark in their business or their career, you love what you do, then the idea that there’s a time when you’re working and then you go home from work and don’t think about it at all and have this balance in your world is ridiculous.

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The Dangers of Never Switching Off

One of the challenges we face today is that we’re always on. In June 2007, when the first iPhone was released, our world changed.

I love my smartphone. It makes me so much more efficient. It’s probably my most important business tool.

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How to get your priorities right

I want to talk to you about priorities. When you’re busy, it’s difficult to get priorities right especially across your whole life.

Do you stay back at work and finish that urgent project that’s got to be done or do you get to your child’s special awards ceremony?

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Do you have a personal growth plan?

One of the important things that can get lost in the busyness of every day is our own personal growth. Being busy is normal. There’s no challenge in that. Being productive and increasingly productive, now there’s a challenge.

The danger is that we’re repeating this year what we did last year and not really learning and growing and developing.

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How to always achieve your business goals

One of the important things that’s being eroded away by the busyness of every day is the taking of time out to work ON your business or ON your career, not just IN it.

It’s amazing how quickly a whole year goes by, or 90 days can go by, and we don’t spend any time thinking about the direction we’re going, the goals we’re setting, how we’re tracking on the things that we want to happen a year from now or two years from now. We get just caught up in the busyness of every day.

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You can prioritise your health and fitness

One of the challenges for all of us when we’re so busy is to look after our health and fitness. But it’s about the time, and it’s also about finding the energy to get moving.

There’s so many studies now that show the strong link between physical exercise and mental and emotional health.

It’s a no-brainer that this has got to be part of our life. It’s one of the important things that can get eroded by the “busyness of the everyday.”

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Introduction to Ignite Mens Business Group

Have a concern that the busyness of our everyday lives, “the busyness of every day” is undermining and eroding away the foundations of what’s important in our world and then causing us to neglect completely what’s essential to build a fulfilled life.

Now, the “busyness of every day” we can all relate to, but what are the “important things” I’m talking about? To me, it’s your relationships with your partner, with your children, with your parents as they age, with your wider family and friends.

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All leadership starts with self-respect

If you want to be a leader, the first person you must lead well is yourself. And to me the foundation for effective self-leadership is healthy self-respect because if you struggle to respect yourself, then others are going to struggle to respect you too.

Self-respect, it differs from self-esteem in that self-esteem comes from others when they praise you and encourage you which is great but self-respect is the gift you give yourself.

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How do you deal with STRESS?

We’re also busy juggling demands at work and demands at home, and life is full of things that produce stress.

We all kind of expect that stress is normal, it’s part of our world if you’re a busy, high-achieving person who wants to make an impact.

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What you can do to improve your FOCUS

We live in an information age. I call it an “information overload age.” It’s so challenging.

It was calculated that a person alive in 2016 received in one day the amount of information that someone alive in 1900 received a whole life time.

It’s difficult to focus when you’re getting hundreds of emails a day. It’s stressful. It’s a source of migraine.

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How to take back control of your life

Time is a huge issue for all of us.

Our work demands have never been greater and then when we get home, our lifestyle aspirations have increased so much that there’s so much we want to get done there as well. So many things to do.

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