Hi, I’m John Drury. I help professional business leaders achieve what’s important without losing what’s essential.

One of the important things that’s being eroded away by the busyness of every day is the taking of time out to work ON your business or ON your career, not just IN it.

It’s amazing how quickly a whole year goes by, or 90 days can go by, and we don’t spend any time thinking about the direction we’re going, the goals we’re setting, how we’re tracking on the things that we want to happen a year from now or two years from now. We get just caught up in the busyness of every day.

So how do we do we do something about this?

I believe that goals are set annually and then plans are best made quarterly. So much happens in a year that it’s hard to plan in any kind of accurate way.

My wife and I set our goals for the year in October for the following year. We put our holidays in the planner. We set our goals for the year. Both of us run our own businesses and then we have a 90-day process. Each 90 days we create a plan for that 90 days that’s going to get us to where we need to be, so that we’re on track for our annual goals to be achieved.

That’s so important and so useful. I’ve been doing this now since 2011 when I began this business and it’s been really fruitful for both of us to do that, for our individual businesses and for our life together.

The other thing that we do, and that you need to do to make this work, is to create a really powerful daily routine so that each day you’ve got an hour or two, at least three, four days a week, where you can work on your goals. If you’re busy every day then whatever plan you’ve got, it’s not going to get achieved if you’ve got no time to actually do anything about it. So you got to carve out some “focus time,” I call it, each day where you’ve got an hour or two to work on your goals with no distractions.

So, the people who make huge progress in their business or in their career are usually working a plan. They seem to stream ahead of others because they have a plan in place and they’re doing something about that plan regularly, daily, in fact.

I know how hard this is on your own. Most of my clients (I work as a business mentor) really appreciate the accountability. It’s like having a personal trainer. I work a lot harder with my personal trainer than I would doing exercise on my own.

So having someone in my world to help me think about that. I have a mentor. I encourage you to get a mentor, as well as to set annual goals, create quarterly plans and have a powerful daily routine. This is a way to make sure that you’re moving forward towards your goals every day.

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