Anthony Walker

Owner/Manager, Bank of Queensland (Penrith, NSW)

I first engaged with John over 18 months ago.  At the beginning of the working relationship with John, my outlook was murky and was driven by reaction rather than responses.  I worked very hard in my business, for my staff and for my clients. I found myself with very little time left at the end of the day, which I found was not enough to be satisfied outside of work. John taught me how to properly view self-respect and boundaries and how to confidently draw those lines within a professional setting and eventually, in a personal setting. He did not only teach how to be accountable (which any podcast, book etc could) but actually how to become accountable. He taught and showed me how to see myself as the business leader that I was becoming. Now, I am more confident in how I lead myself and as such, how I lead the rest of the areas of my life and all those that are included in my circles.  I wholeheartedly recommend John to all business owners who want to make their business work for them and achieve a satisfactory integration of their work and their life.

Maria Valenzuela


I have just completed my sixth and final session of John’s mentoring program and am exceptionally pleased with the outcome.

I met John at a time when I was undecided on where to direct my energy professionally. Over six sessions, John and I worked through what was important to me, my goals and aspirations and how to achieve them.

The most enlightening part of my experience with John was completing the DISC profile and the insights it provided. Having reviewed 100s of profiles, John broke down what the data suggested about my personality traits and what type of endeavours suited my skill set.

As we wrapped things up, I finished with a significantly improved approach to managing my time and a clear and concise plan for the next 12 months.

My time with John was great, and I am confident yours will be too.

Toby Gibbs

Signalling Engineer, CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles)

John is not only an exceptional coach and mentor, he is also an incredible human being. His humility and experience is put to powerful work in transforming the lives of others. For whatever ambitions of growth you may have, I highly recommend John as a man worth getting in touch with.

Lynden Rochford

Coach | Mentor | Consultant

Hi my name is Pete Woolley and I own and operate an IT support services business in Adelaide South Australia.

I have been operating for just over 4 years and whilst I have continued to grow throughout that period, I was struggling with the marketing aspects of growing my business.  I was introduced to John Drury through the Computer Troubleshooters franchise and was impressed with his approach to working with small businesses to helping them succeed.  And so, I joined up with several other Computer Troubleshooters franchisees to a program that John tailored to our group.

John took the group through the ten requirements to become a successful business and this approach along with the input from the group was key to the program being successful for me.

The most valuable learning from the program was to understand myself and my personality in the business context and to create a clear vision for my business.  From there detailed planning and required changes could be developed and implemented.

John gave the appropriate amount of challenge, goal setting and ideas that I could incorporate into my business.  This made the program a valuable tool in growing my business and setting a clear path for success.

I would recommend John’s program to any small business that is looking to be successful or may be struggling to define a way forward.

Thanks again for the program, it has and will continue to be a useful resource for me going forward.

Peter Woolley

Franchise Owner, Computer Troubleshooters - Norwood

My name is Greg Price, and I have a franchise with Computer Troubleshooters (Dandenong VIC).

John had previously worked with another franchisee, and the transformation of his business, and person, was nothing short of incredible.

John then attended our National Conference, I was convinced I needed him, to get my business moving.

John has re-invented all the things I thought I knew, and has given me the impetus to make my business more profitable and importantly, more enjoyable.

John’s way of teaching/instructing/encouraging you is non-judgemental, which makes you want to achieve the measurable outcomes that you and he set.  It feels like he is part of your business.

I have no reservations in recommending John.  I only wish I had of met him in the first few years of starting my business!!

Greg Price

Owner, Computer Troubleshooters - Dandenong

With no real clear path or direction, I knew I needed some help to re-evaluate my business and build a stronger foundation. Working with John has empowered me to not only think outside the square, but he has given me the confidence that I can achieve my personal and business goals with a clearer focus and clarity!

As a business coach and mentor, John’s strategy and holistic approach is about successfully teaching me to integrate work and life. If you’re looking for a business coach that doesn’t just focus on the bottom line, then John is the mentor for you.

Rose Apostolovska

Director/HR Advisor, Rosy Innovations Pty Ltd

I first met John Drury nearly 5 years ago and have attended his workshops regularly since. John engenders trust quickly through care and empathy, bringing his own experiences to the conversations and shared learnings.

His book “Integrate – the work life balance myth” is a must read for all in society today as we try to navigate the various challenges that inevitably come up at different stages in life.

Having worked closely with some of John’s clients I can attest to their appreciation of his insights and efforts to help garner their teams and improve overall performance.

Charlie Pidcock

Director & Owner, Charlie Pidcock Pty Ltd

I had an opportunity to work with John. He was a brilliant business mentor. He helped me integrate my personal life and family into my business. He made me realize that life is not only about business. Family and personal health are as important as business.

Thank you John! I highly recommend John to any business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Henry Chow

Managing Director, Motionwave Technologies

I have had the privilege to work with John Drury. He is a fantastic business mentor to work with, highly focused on delivering value, and reliable thought leader. He is an insightful and customer-focused professional with immense knowledge and understanding of people gained from years of experience.

I highly recommend John to business owners with teams who need to be more successful.

Ammar Quettawala

Director, QTECX Solutions

I have worked with John in the past and I am certainly a client of his. John is someone you really want to have on your team. His sound wisdom, deep insight, and leadership skills can bring the growth, strength, and development you require to achieve the goals you’ve always dreamt of achieving.

I would definitely recommend John if you’re looking to work better as a team rather than having a few individuals carrying the load for all.

David Kashan

Director & Financial Advisor, Wealth of Advice

John is fantastic mentor, he helps you integrate your business into your personal life so that you don’t feel like you are always working and don’t have the time to do what you enjoy! Very useful for anyone who is always busy, Highly recommend him and his work.

Austin Noronha

Director, Unique Insurance Solutions

Thank you for yesterday’s Quarterly Planning Workshop. It was definitely a new experience for me.
The most enlightening & helpful aspect of the workshop was the realisation that the productivity of my general days are INPUT FOCUSED rather than OUTCOME FOCUSED. It is no wonder I generally feel out of control of my schedule.
It was a revelation and definitely something that I am seeking to rectify now that I am aware of it.
Thanks & God Bless.
Daniel Briffa

Principal Designer, Adan Creative Designs

Dear John,
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your educational, reflective and fun Quarterly Planning Workshop on 23 January 2020.
The workshop was very useful, and it provided me with new set of tools for day-to-day situations. Your workshop taught me about traits in myself that I can now apply to my leadership as well as my business and personal lifestyle.
Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge that I have gained practical skills and great reference materials which have given me new tools to help me continue working with a team both as a leader and a peer.
You are a very effective speaker and educator.
Hamish Mehdinezhad

Director, HMS Group Pty Limited

John Drury’s half-day planning workshop is the best value workshop you will find.
I had set clear goals, both personal and business for the year, and John’s process helped me to recognise that I had not broken my goals down into bite-size implementation chunks.
I now have ready-to-implement action steps for each goal for this quarter.
Thank you, John.
Karyn Clarke

Principal, 21 Day Book

John understands deeply the correlations of important elements of life. He was able to illustrate those elements in plain language and show me practical ways to make things happen.

There was no stress for me to take onboard those recommendations and achieved the results what I was hoping for. I will be going back again and again to reinforce those recommendations and refresh other new ideas that come along.

It is a highly recommended workshop.

Please allow yourself a few hours to learn, then you can adjust and achieve the life and work balance.

Joy Ford

Principal, Beyond Taxation and Business Services

I attended John’s Q1 2020 Quarterly Planning Workshop to plan how I would wind down my business in preparation for 6 months off maternity leave. It was great to be guided through some areas I had not thought of and have a clear plan in place.

I can’t wait to attend Q4 workshop at the end of the year when I am back and rearing to go with building my business again.

Hannah Foster

Corporate and Luxury Travel Counsellor, Travel Counsellors

Last week I attended a business planning workshop facilitated by business coach and mentor John Drury.

I have attended similar workshops with other business coaches in the past who throw around suggested templates and ideas to set up a plan, but this is the first time I have attended a workshop where I actually completed my plan for each quarter and the year in under 4 hours.  John provides an extensive planning workbook that even drills down to planning each week within the first quarter.  I felt a real sense of achievement knowing that I walked out of the session with an ACTUAL and tangible plan.  

I am sending this to you as John is planning to hold another workshop on 23 January, and I thought this is something that may interest you.  If you need help with setting up your business plan, or perhaps already have a plan in place, this may be a good opportunity to re-assess it before the year kicks off. 

I highly recommend this workshop!

Rose Apostolovska


It’s a pleasure of working with John for last few month. I admire his passion, dedication and professionalism. John help me to clarify basic and important things that put house in order. Having clarity of thought and bring right priority would help me greatly.

Chirag Patel

Founder, Rebels N Misfits Espresso

Hi John, I’ll be there again.

I need this regular break from working in the business to refocus and work on the business… and on me!

Thanks for breaking down into manageable chuncks what is a seeming impossible task to plan 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days.

David Thomas

Partner (Accounting & Tax) - Chartered Accountant, CA Hill & Associates Pty Ltd

I attended my first quarterly planning day in June and it was exactly what I was looking for. I’m great at setting goals…but not-so-great at breaking them up into micro-actions. This workshop gave me the head space to plan it all out and feel that it’s all achievable!

Leanne Shelton

Founder|Creative Director, Write Time Marketing

If you find it difficult to make yourself sit down and plan for the next quarter, book yourself in for the next Planning Workshop on 19th September! I just completed the workshop that covers July-End Sep, and it gave me clarity and a guided path to work on goals set for that quarter AND the next financial year. Thanks John, I am now on a path to meet those goals set.

Candice Delac

Chief Energy Efficiency Consultant, Energy Ninja

Through a group business mentoring program I started with John earlier this year, I have found his approach to business coaching and mentoring to be invaluable for both my own personal growth, and that of our business. His program and methods really dig down deep to give an understanding of why you are in business and how to succeed in everything you do. His approach is a holistic one whereby the focus is to get both your personal & business life in gear for success. I would highly recommend at least talking to John about how he can help.

Anthony Montibeler

Director | Licensee-In-Charge, Norwest Strata Management

John is an amazing business mentor. His knowledge around integrating work and life are insightful and often life changing for clients – he knows his stuff and practices what he preaches. This can be quite rare in the business world. On top of all that he’s a great guy to do business with.

Debbie Eglin

Productivity Consultant | Business Systemisation | VA Readiness Expert | Cloud Technology Specialist, Productivity Hub

John Drury has a wealth of experience as well an in depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes for business owners to succeed and their teams to operate effectively.

Bryan Worn

Professional Services & Business Mentor – Author – Speaker – Facilitator – Creating Independence for Business Owners

I’m very fortunate to regularly network with John Drury and I see few people in the business coaching industry walk the talk like John does. A highly respected business mentor in my business network and a genuine nice man. I recommend John’s book ‘Integrate’ it’s a great read for any business owner trying to find work-life balance.

Wendy Goni Mendez

Marketing & Branding Strategist | Graphic, Web Design & Digital Agency Director | Inspired to spread good Health, XDesigns

John Drury is a powerhouse and smart Coach who loves helpingpeople win big. Known him for years and great guy. LOVE HISWORK!

Edward Zia

Business Marketing Mentor & Personal Coach, Excellence Above Coaching

John has been working with our Organisation for over 12 months. Our team was first introduced to John through the Disc Profiling program. John was instrumental in helping our staff be self aware, as well as understanding other staff members’ profiles. This has delivered an improved culture and ways of working within our organization.
Furthermore, I have been working directly with John on my own personal development for over 6 months. John has been an outstanding Mentor and Coach. John’s core philosophy of Self Respect, Self Care and Self Management have been key to the progress and development I have made this year. As a result of my continued engagement with John, he has helped to transition me to a whole new level in relation to my Leadership skills and approach to Strategy and Future Thinking. This has seen significant benefits for me both professionally and also on a very personal level with my family. 
John, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to completely re-shape how I approach my work and time with family. I also love the fact that I am able to share these great benefits with my team on a daily basis. I truly love what I do, and I thank you for helping me get to this point.
I would also highly recommend John’s book – “Integrate” for anyone who is interested in improving how they “self manage”. It definitely helped me!
Nick Abrahim

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NSW Taxi Council

I profiled John Drury on The Mentor List. The themes and inspiration of the recorded show titled Worklife Integration has been enjoyed immensely by the show listeners and remains to be one of our top rated recordings to date. Thanks for being a Mentor of the show and for sharing your wisdom with the audience. You can find the episode at

David Lewis

Experienced Business Consultant and Founder, The Mentor List

I had the privilege of working with John on some key areas that were holding me back both on the job, and away from the job. What started as a process of tackling my seemingly overwhelming workload moved quickly but carefully into dealing with some of the fundamental aspects of work and life. We worked through some big ticket items like self-respect, confidence, my personality and capacity, my role in shaping organisational culture, delivering outcomes, and how I manage my team. Along the way we developed and practiced the plans and practical tools to underpin and strengthen those areas.

John is intuitive and insightful. He’s a great listener, good fun, and knows when and how to challenge. He also has a genuine care for the person behind the professional objectives.

I look forward to continuing the journey with John.

Justin Kendall

Community Relations Manager, Hope Media Limited

Working with John has helped our team understand each others natural working styles. The Extended DISC profiles we participated in were very insightful, and totally non judgemental. It simply highlighted areas in which we work effortlessly. Hence giving us clarity in assigning tasks. As a result the level of frustrations have been reduced and we have achieved better efficiency in our work process as the right tasks are being assigned to the right people.

The process John took us through was different to other Business Mentoring processes we have experienced. I felt it was very practical and we walked away with skills to be able to perform better at work. John was very hands on in the process and really helped us work through challenges until we found a resolution.

As a bonus the same skills learned, are also useful in personal life! I highly recommend John Drury if you are willing and open to personal growth.

Sandra Lazarides

Managing Director, Inkredible Rebranding

After you have been in business for a while, It’s difficult to find a business mentor that truely adds real worth. John was one someone of real worth for us.

The extended disc profiling tool he used was far above the usual profiling tools I have experience. John was able to masterfully use this process as a surgeon would use a knife. He peeled back the layers of the way we worked and showed us how it could work better.

I feel this process alone was invaluable. It showed us insights that transformed the way we saw ourselves and our staff, and allowed us to overcome communication barriers that were stunting our potential for growth.

John has my highest recommendation and I welcome any enquiries regarding our time with him.

Wayne Lazarides

Principal, Inkredible Rebranding

John is an intuitive business mentor and he is extremely easy to engage with. Through out my transformative learning journey, I am thankful I had John, guiding me through a very vulnerable time of my life with authenticity, kindness, wisdom and empathy. I have not only learnt practical work skills but skills for life. I am very thankful to have met John and learnt from him. I am delighted to recommend John to anyone from novice (like me) to CEO, who would benefit from a mindful and an empathic mentor, to support them through their challenging and rewarding learning journey

Alice, H.S Fung

Group Technical Specialist, Altius Group

John has been working with myself and my team for the last two years. He has helped me specifically in team structure and getting to the key issues very quickly… which have led to making strategic and wise decisions.

With a complex operation, John also is an invaluable part of my team now by keeping myself on track with my bigger picture goals.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending John for coaching and mentoring in team, management and leadership training and solutions.

David Croft

Group Technical Specialist, Lower Mountain Landscape Supplies

I had the opportunity to attend a planning workshop with John. I found it to be really informative and gave me a much clearer picture with my quarterly planning and goal setting.
I highly recommend it and in fact have registered to attend another workshop with John.

Alex Hezari

Director - Sales & Leasing, Taylor Nicholas, Taylor Nicholas

John is an incredible Leader that is qualified to impart his stuff. He is an inspiration and certainly knows how to mentor and take you further than you can see. He gets right beside you, he gives you belief to pursue and endure the challenges that life and work posses. More than a Coach, but rather someone that taps into your heart which therefore enables you to make an impact in your world. A must for any individual or organisation no matter the size.

Richard Nassif

Owner, RN Printing

Whilst working with John in a large community organisation I saw how he motivated people and the ability he has to inspire others to reach for their best. I have personally witnessed the power of belief in others that he possesses and his genuine regard for people.
I would recommend him to anyone who is considering stepping out on a limb to reap not only financial rewards but personal rewards as well.

David Tibos

Community Corrections Oficer, Corrective Services

After 10 years of hard work with only modest success, we decided it may be time to get an outside perspective on our business.

After our initial consultation, we found that John would be a good match for our business and decided to hire him as our business consultant, after 6 months working with John and a lot of hard work, we have doubled our turnover, identified our strengths, weaknesses, and our target market. Our business is now heading in the right direction.

John helps you step outside your comfort zone and can assist you to take your business to the next level.

Steve Hurley

Business Development Manager, All About U Promotions

I asked John to work with me over a 3 month period, in relation to some business and family issues.

I found John’s assistance exemplary.

John is a lantern of clarity and action. He was able to cut through, when I could not.

Keith Borg

Partner, Halfords IP, Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

John’s abilty to get to the core of an issue for a Purple Co client has resulted in a dramatic positive change in behaviour and motivation. Service provision was time efficent and cost effective. I look forward to the opportunity to work with John again.

Jo Muirhead

Founder & Principal Consultant, Purple Co &

John is an excellent communicator and listener who possesses a wealth of experience and insight. He has forced me to step outside the daily grind and do more strategic thinking for Gen YQ and myself.

He is fantastic at defining roles and improving communication. The passion he shows for his field enables people and teams to reach their potential and rise to new levels of productivity.

Michael Todd

Chief Executive Officer, One Point Health

John Drury and I are both members of BNI Nepean Valley. I Have had the opportunity to get to know John and his very well. He is always passing on great advice and motivating us to be our best. John offers a great service to businesses and is determined, motivated, and I believe his business will be very succsessful.

Pauline Sultana

Finance Broker, Pride Mortgage Service

Having worked with John in the not-for-profit sector for many years I have experienced firsthand his passionate teaching on Leadership. I owe him a lot for all that he imparted to me during that time. It has definitely contributed significantly to the success in I enjoy in both my life and current work role .
John is a very clear communicator who is skilled at adapting his presentation to diverse audiences and taking them on the journey from a conceptual idea to practical implementation.

I have no hesitation in recommending John as a man who can help any individual, business or organisation to grow and flourish.

Neville Pearce

Business Process Analyst, Link Group LNK

John is one of those rare folks that you occasionally find who has the knack of getting to the heart of an issue quickly, respectfully and with a true appreciation for his clients best interests. John’s approach means he is at home in any environment from a board room, adressing senior business people to a one-on-one personal coaching session. John is energetic, encouraging and diplomatic, I have no hesitation in recommending John to any potential client.

Daniel Pritchard

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic

John Drury for Summit Leadership Solutions facilitated a 3 day workshop for the PSI Management team in March 2011.

The workshop included one day of structured team building and organizational strengthening and two days, building on the work of the first day, reviewing the organizations core values and strategic directions. This culminated in the development of a revised document reflecting the above.
I can highly recommend John’s approach, style, process and the outcomes we achieved.
The managers all enjoyed the experience and found it highly valuable.

From an organizational and value for money perspective the investment we made in John’s services will I am sure serve us for years to come, and we look forward to working with him in the future .

Kari I'Anson

Executive Officer, Peppercorn Services Inc (Windsor, NSW)

I have benefited greatly from my coaching sessions withJohn Drury both professionally and personally. He has helped improve my effectiveness as a manager by identifying areas for greater focus and solutions for overcoming what at times previously felt like impossible demands on my time and energy. With John’s fantastic encouragement and astute insight, I feel far better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of my increased responsibilities at work. I can thoroughly recommend John as a coach who will reinvigorate your approach to many things in your life, whether that be at work or at home.

Troy Craig

Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels (Sydney)

My sessions with John Drury have been very valuable. It was great to have a fresh perspective on my business and insight into other ways I might achieve my goals. It was also very helpful to talk about where my business is at right now and to gain more insight into myself in relation to my business. During the sessions we generated many ideas that I will take into my planning for the future in my business. Thanks John

Matt Saxby

Director, Platinum Security Systems (Emu Plains, NSW)

I asked John Drury to work with me over 6 months ago and in that time we have identified areas that I need to work on in order to achieve my next major goal of opening another branch of my business. Empowering my team has been the specific area so far and it is still a work in progress.

I have asked John to help set goals for me to achieve (tick off) before our next meeting and this works well for me (most of the time) as it sets a timeframe and an accountability. The accountability to John is a constant reminder each time I feel myself falling back into the “old ways” of micro-managing.
We still have a way to go but we have a plan and have set some specific and reachable goals in order to achieve this.

I would highly recommend John’s services to anyone who wants help in finding a pathway to the next level of their business.

Aaron Tyers

Owner, @Print Creative Solutions (Penrith, NSW)

Thank you for coaching me over the past 3 months. I believe the strategies and tools you have given me so far have helped me gain an insight and clarity both on a personal and business level.
You have done this by;
Making me set realistic goals on a personal and business level
Keeping me accountable to my goals and decisions
Helping me clarify the wants, needs and direction of my life and prioritise these
Help me recognise negative or limiting beliefs – excuses
I like having you available over the phone and via email to discuss anything that comes up between meetings or to keep me on track.
I look forward to the future and seeing how this venture has an effect on my personal life and career

Jo Nadin

Personal Trainer/Business Owner, Step Into Life (Penrith, NSW)

From the first session of working with John I knew that I was in for a challenging and hopefully rewarding time to come. I worked with John over a period of a year and through his guidance and insights he helped me immensely to gain clarity about where I wanted to be, where I needed to focus my energy and importantly, what I needed to let go of. With this anchor firmly in place, John moved on from the ‘headspace’ work and down to the nitty gritty of defining and then holding me accountable to taking action to get me closer to where I wanted to be – I can’t highlight how important this is to achieve real outcomes, which is exactly what happened as a result! I highly recommend John to anyone who is seeking to achieve more in any aspect of life, whether that be career, wealth, health and wellbeing or relationships.

Linda Miller

CEO, Corporate Eyes

John Drury facilitated a workshop focusing on work-life integration at our business group’s  annual retreat in August 2017. The topic was of real interest to our members as they planned their personal objectives for the coming year.

John ‘s central premise (that work-life balance is a myth) really resonated. He shared his thoughts on the subject and took us through interactive exercises to prompt deeper reflection about healthier ways to integrate work into our lives. Our dialogue with him and subsequent internal discussions were very beneficial in promoting more meaningful goal setting.

I can heartily recommend John as a speaker or workshop leader for any business setting. He relates well to his audience delivering a message that is clear and relevant to busy people doing business in the 21st Century marketplace.

David Simpson FAICD

CEO, Edge Business Group

John has spoken at multiple events of mine and has always added exceptional value to the audience.

With an easy-going style combined with expert knowledge on behavioural profiling tools and ways of getting the best out of yourself, he was always well received by my clients.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Nicola Moras

Online Business Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author and Serial Entrepreneur,

John from Summit Leadership Solutions is a great leadership trainer and coach who through his warm and friendly personality easily and effortlessly connects with individuals and groups. It is this strength which allows him to gain excellent results sorting-out the people issues which can hinder the growth of a business. If you are looking to get great results through facilitated leadership team training then I highly recommend John to you.

Nicholas Jude

Improvement Consultant, Royal Australian Airforce

John is an enthusiast person with vast life experiences that I believe will be a benefit to any person prepared to lift their life and business to a new level. Ring John now.

Jim Aitken

Owner, Jim Aitken & Partners Pty Ltd

John is both a student and a practitioner of leadership. I have great respect for his ability to bring out the best in leaders and to “cut to the chase” when it comes to helping people become more effective. He’s a straight shooter, and in the fast-moving world of business that’s exactly the sort of trusted adviser you need.

Paul Andrew

Lead Pastor, Liberty Church

I have known John Drury for over 30 years and observed his ability as an enterprising leader that has developed over all these years. He is now in the position to be able to help others develop those skills as well.

Alan Langstaff

President, Kairos Ministries

John is totally committed to serving his clients and helping them achieve phenomenal results. His integrity and passion in helping others is truly commendable. I would highly recommend John’s services for anyone wanting to reach their true potential.

Patrick Hurst

Business Relationship Manager, Basic Bananas

John made a great impact on our church, by his teachings and his person. He is very good to encourage and to get your focus in the right direction. His person makes You feel good and you can relax, and this helps a lot to receive knowledge and information. By his visit something new happened with us, and is still there.

Tummas Jacobsen

Spiritual Serviceman, Kall Telecom

John always demonstrates a passion to create positive change in his own life and the lives around him. John continues to display a high level of integrity and has a “can do” attitude at all times. His many years of developing his Leadership Expertise makes him an ideal coaching client. I would love to recommend John to any individual or organisation who is looking to move forward and achieve their desired outcomes in every area of life.

Grant Herbert

International Keynote Speaker | Corporate Master Trainer | Emotional Intelligence | Neuroleadership | C-Suite Executive Leadership Coach, People Builders

I have known John Drury for some sixteen years, and worked with him on many occasions. John has a successful track record in raising, developing. and working with leaders both in Australia and overseas, and possesses valuable insight into the dynamics of leadership.

Gary Swenson

State Ministries Director Qld/NT, Australian Christian Churches

John is a man of great integrity with excellent coaching skills. His many years of leadership experience are evident in his assurance and ease in working with and guiding others. Any organisation that engaged him would be making a smart move.

Leonie Harrison

Director, imagnthat

I’ve known John for over 15 years. He is a dynamic leader, and an excellent communicator. He possesses a natural ability to connect with and relate to people quickly.

Casey Ellis

Founder/Chairman/CTO, bugcrowd

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