Hi, I’m John Drury. I help professional business leaders achieve what’s important without neglecting what’s essential.

have a concern that the busyness of our everyday lives, “the busyness of every day” is undermining and eroding away the foundations of what’s important in our world and then causing us to neglect completely what’s essential to build a fulfilled life.

Now, the “busyness of every day” we can all relate to, but what are the “important things” I’m talking about? To me, it’s your relationships with your partner, with your children, with your parents as they age, with your wider family and friends.

It’s having time to nurture those key relationships and make sure they’re strong. It’s your own relationship with yourself; having time to work on you, your own health and fitness, your own emotional and mental health; time out to be, to replenish, to relax, to reflect. All those things are really important. As well as working on your business and career, not just in it, having clarity around direction; creating wealth creation strategies so you’re as secure as you can be for your future. And your own personal growth and development in your work and across your life.

So many things are important that we don’t get time for, and it’s being eroded out of our lives. And then there’s the “essential things” that are important for a fulfilled life that are absent from many people’s lives.  Things like your connection to purpose, understanding what is your purpose. Building a strong sense of self and that identity, that you’re really secure in that. Your core values, knowing what’s essential, what’s important to you, what you will not compromise; your self-respect and self-acceptance, a sense of security which is your foundation for your confidence.

Too many leaders are insecure and cause problems for people around them and for their companies. There’s that perspective and that contentment, and fulfillment. All these things are essential and are absent from many people’s lives.

We’re busy, we’re restless, we’re striving after who knows what, and it’s not necessarily adding up to the life that many people want to live.

If any of this resonates with you, I’ve built a group called Ignite Men’s Business Group. I’d love to invite you to join us. It’s a safe place, a judgment-free zone to talk about these kind of issues. It’s a place for connections, support, wisdom so you can achieve what’s important in your life without neglecting what’s essential.

If you’d like to know more about Ignite Men’s Business Group then comment below or direct message me. I’d love to send you some more details and reach out and connect with you about it.

Thanks for listening.

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