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How would you feel to know you have the PLAN in place for your whole life
for the next year? 

Not just work; not just business; not just Personal Development – but 
ALL of it.

All working together to conspire for your GOOD.

For the results you want, for the lifestyle you have dreamt of. 

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You'll walk away with:

1. Your strategic master plan for a successful 2017!

So many  high achievers and entrepreneurs get 'stale-mated' when looking to see HOW to level up in their business and career and when trying to work out what they want.

This Process steps you through how to do just that.  But more than that, it will show you how to align your business and career goals to your WHOLE LIFE.

Oh and you will walk away with the Plan.  Not just an idea of a plan – THE PLAN


2. The confidence that you have the RIGHT goals across your life

How to ensure that you have the RIGHT goals working for you RIGHT now, and then all the tools and resources you need to execute this plan.  After all how many of us are good at setting the goals, but not so good at the implementation?  Have you ever wondered why?


3. The knowledge that you have time and energy to look after all who are precious to you

Time and time again we see so many high achievers and entrepreneurs BURNING OUT ; going backwards; feeling stuck; feeling torn; feeling like failures because they can’t seem to get all the parts of their life working well at the same time.  How many times have you felt like your career is awesome but home is a mess – or home is awesome yet you can’t kick your  business goals?  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

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How would you feel knowing that you have all the steps, processes and mindset in place to make  your whole life work?

This is how we have managed to grow ourselves from 1 low 6 figure sole practioner business owner who was in bed most weekends with a migraine , and a self employed consultant who was fearful of not being good enough – to a dynamic couple who vacation at least 4 times every year; earn more money than we have ever seen in our lives and are growing a lifestyle of which others are envious.

About US

Hi, My name is John and I’m married to Jo. I work with entrepreneurs and high achievers to  break through their stuff and release their potential. This is not about success coaching or mind zapping; this all about the tried and tested, 'whole of life' activities that build  relationships and self-care strategies leaving room for personal, business and career goals. I know what its like to get to a place when things get hard, especially when they have never been hard before. I know what it takes to move beyond that – How do I know? Because that’s exactly what I have had to do.

John Drury

Hey, my name is Jo – and I teach professionals how to build successful, sustainable and profitable consulting practices; all the while running my own thriving private practice.  I know the price of not having my whole of life plan sorted.  For me this price was weekends in bed with migraines, pretty much 3 out of 4  weekends each month.  This was not having the time and attention for my son and my husband who desperately wanted to connect with me.  I’ve done business coaching and mentoring for years.  I’ve done the PD to help me break through – but until I worked with John on getting my 'whole of life' plan sorted, I hadn’t worked out how to do business, family and life.  I thought it had to be one or the other.  I can tell you it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

During the retreat I will be working specifically with business owners to get their business cranking for 2017 in a way that is  profitable, successful  and sustainable. 

Jo Muirhead

Who is this for?

  • Other high achievers, business owners and corporate executives who are driven by a desire to be successful in their chosen field
  • People just like you, committed, driven, not flakey people; no BS; no business or career hobbyists.  People who want to step up and who are determined to make it happen
  • People who have enough life experience to know it takes hard work and commitment to achieve anything worth having.
  • People who want to get to the MORE that is in them
"I felt overwhelmed by all my goals and life activity. The process we were led through made everything become much clearer. I feel grateful to John and Jo for their ability to get clear insight into how to integrate my work as part of my whole life." – DC (Multiple Business Owner)
Prior to coming to the retreat I had recognised I felt bored and stuck; but I thought that related just to my business. I have since realised it also related to my life. The lessons around Rhythm of Life have been crucial to helping me realise what I need to change to achieve more for my life. – SF (Executive and Business Consultant)
I would recommend John to any business owner who needs to find balance and take back control of their business and life, rather than their business controlling them.– JW (Executive and Business Owner)
"I felt sluggish, overwhelmed and confused. Now, I feel a sense of calm because I can organise and do what needs to be done. I also know now it is okay to ask for help and rest when needed.“ – LG (Multiple Business Owner)
 I would recommend John & Jo to anyone who wants to create change in their life to gain a meaningful and rewarding life. The retreat was a fantastic experience and an opportunity to be around extraordinary people.“  JS (Health Professional and business owner)

The Take Back Control Program:

Empowering high achievers - business owners and corporate executives - to be all you are created to be 

* SIMPLE and easy to implement learning’s geared for MAXIMUM results
in ALL areas of your life

Tried & tested processes

Marketing Strategies /Positioning Strategies

Career strategies

So... What's Included?!

*  Webinar (with work book) with some fantastic exercises designed to help you think. 
You will become clear about who you are, your strengths, weaknesses and values;
you will define clearly what you really want from your life and business.
The webinar is recorded and available at a time that fits your busy schedule. 

*An Extended-DISC Personality Analysis (plus consultation) which will give you a powerful snapshot of who you are, and how you perceive you need to change to perform your current role. 

*A 2 day full immersion retreat (January 20-22, 2017) in luxury accommodation 
On the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. Full catering included!
This is your opportunity to work (distraction free) on the biggest asset you have – YOU! 

The retreat kicks off on the evening of January 20, with a group of AWESOME, likeminded fellow high achievers and entrepreneurs who are all READY to make 2017 their best financial year EVER! 

*An exclusive group, maximum of 12 people.
This means you will have greater access to John and Jo while also enjoying the opportunity to connect with everyone else in the group. 

Click 'Tell me more!' and provide your details below. John will call you very soon to answer your questions and to discuss next steps