3 Essential Ingredients for Success

Working with leaders for many years I have observed that in order to be successful a leader needs these 3 essential 3 Essential Ingredients for Successingredients for success in the mix all the time – information, inspiration and application.

Finding a way to be consistently strong in all 3 essential ingredients for success makes for a great leader who will have consistent success.

  1. Information – the problem is rarely a lack of information, rather learning which information is trustworthy and relevant to help make the best decision at any given time. Information overload can lead to paralysed decision making. The challenge for any leader is to know their business very well, have access to several helpful streams of information, have a great advisory team and even then to learn to trust their gut level instincts (based in values, personal style and intuition) to guide them even in the toughest decisions.
  2. Motivation – flows best when we get passionate about something. If we combine passion with the right decisions and a good plan and take massive action every day then we will almost always be motivated. “Motion leads to emotion”, which means motivation does not just hit you or leave through the window one day. Rather motivation comes after we start taking action, and will increase as we continue to take massive action until we get results.
  3. Application – in my view, the most essential ingredient! From my observations in training leaders in hands-on situations for over 25 years, this is the ingredient that is most often missing. This is most true for second and third tier leaders. I have watched many leaders catch a great new concept, become very motivated but then lose their way because they do not know how to apply that concept to their organisation / business / team.

Most leaders need some kind of assistance with application. This is where the old fashioned apprenticeship process (a novice learning  from a master) is still the best way for most people to learn.

This means that we should realise it is not a weakness to engage a mentor or coach to help us grow to become the kind of leader who can be continually successful.

So….Information + Motivation + Application = SUCCESS.

Which of the 3 Essential Ingredients for Success do you most need assistance with today?


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