The details of everyday can cause vision to become stale.

Becoming stale in a career or a particular job happens all too often. That’s often why people seek to change their job or sell their business. When a business owner loses passion everything becomes more difficult. It is tough to run a successful business, and almost impossible if the passion level has dropped.

So much happens in a person’s life every 5 – 7 years. 50% of Australians moved house in the 5 years prior to 2016 census. 1.3m Aussies changed jobs during the year ending Feb 2022. Lots of changes happen in our bodies both good and bad. Look at the children in your world and think of them 5 years ago. Many of us can become quite restless when we are not happy with our progress, or our life and relationships.


Understanding the seasons of life

A change of location or of career is not always the solution for when we feel drained or stale. The real issue may not be the job, or the town you live in, or the person to whom you are married. The issue is more likely to be you. There are many seasons in life. Every season requires fresh vision. You need to know clearly who you are and what it is you want to achieve in this season. Some seasons will be all about establishing your business and wealth creation. Others will be more about seeing your children to independent young adults. Other seasons will be about giving back and making a difference.

You must have clear vision for the season you are now in. If passion has dropped it is often a signal that you need to take some time out to refresh your vision.


Everything needs re-envisioning regularly

Every 5 – 7 years, and sometimes sooner, you need to re-envision your business and your life. E.g. I remember when my girls were 5, 7 and 10. Finally they were all at school. My wife and I began to realise that we only had another 8 years before the eldest would be heading to uni or starting a career and possibly leaving home. It changed our vision. Up til then we had been totally focused on establishing the work we were doing, and just making it through as a family with young children. Now we became determined to put aside some extra money to have some great holidays and life experiences together.

This kind of reenvisioning needs to happen in businesses and in careers. Sometimes it will lead to a change of job, career or even city. Often just a change of emphasis and adjustment of direction makes all the difference, and allows you to be refreshed and clear headed for the next season.


Post-pandemic is an important time to re-envision your life

I have noticed this year that a lot of business owners are needing to re-envision their world. The last 3 years of pandemic dominated disruption have been exhausting, and for many more about survival than pursuing vision. A lot has changed around us. New technologies are kicking in. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is suddenly in everyone’s view. The world feels different and people’s aspirations have shifted. Demographers are working hard to understand these shifts.

It is important that you and I do the work on ourselves to make sure we know who we want to be and what we want to achieve in this season.


An experienced mentor can help you clarify vision.

I often find that business owners cannot articulate their vision. They can usually tell me what they do not want. The human brain needs the positive. It cannot process vision in a negative way. I.e., If you focus on what you do not want, you tend to get it.

I enjoy helping businesspeople clarify their vision. It is sometimes like pulling teeth but we always get there. Once vision is clarified and able to be articulated clearly it is much easier to develop a workable strategic plan. It is also much easier for the people on your team to catch your vision and find their role in helping bring it to reality.

If you would like to talk more about your vision for your business and your life please book a call with me here. I am happy to invest 30 minutes with you to understand your situation and help you towards some effective next steps.


Don’t delay

If you do not have clear vision for this season in your business or for your life, do not wait another day. An old proverb wisely says, “Without vision people live carelessly”. Foggy vision is dangerous. Don’t wait any longer. Let me help you re-envision your world and get your focus and your energy restored.



Over the years I’ve written many articles about life and how to envision it! Here are a few of my favourites to help you integrate your work into all other parts of your life.

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