Most people will not see or get excited about the vision you see until you have done it, so why would you ever submit your fragile vision to their blind and often ill-informed judgment?

All of us often have good ideas but usually they are gone by the next morning. Some good ideas grow to become dreams of what we are going to do….one day. Truth is most dreams remain just dreams and never actually become plans and strategies that could have a chance at becoming reality.

Sometimes, though a dream or an idea does grip a person who has become ready to take on significant life-changing action. They do start to make plans and allow themselves to get excited deep on the inside. Their ideas become more and more concrete as they think about it, write down plans and become more and more passionate about it. They can start to see it and almost touch it as a reality. The dream begins to become a plan with step by step strategy that can be followed into reality.

Even so, all dreams are fragile!

It is very important to look after that precious dream every step of the journey. The process is very similar to childbirth. The seed/embryo of your idea goes through a process from conception through gestation to full term and finally to an amazing and sometimes painful birth. This is when it becomes real and alive fully in the eyes of other people and takes on a life of its own.

People who go through this process are changed forever as they learn so much about creating, carrying and caring for a vision. (Something to ponder: Does the person make the dream or the dream make the person?)

The saddest thing to watch, therefore, is the way that vision is often miscarried by the power of lethal judgemental comments from people who often do not have any idea what it is that we are trying to bring to birth. From their ill-informed vantage they judge it to be somehow unworthy of life and we, disheartened, can allow an unnecessary miscarriage to occur.

Having experienced this process many times myself and seen it all too often in the lives of others, I urge you to be VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU ALLOW TO JUDGE YOUR VISION. Allow time for the spark of vision to take hold. Write it down in as much detail and with as much imagination as you can. Only share with people you trust to give you wise advice about how to implement it. Do not share it with too many too quickly, and certainly not with anyone who will judge harshly and speak words of death into your soul. Sadly it is often people closest to us who can do the most damage. Just because they cannot see it happening doesn’t mean it is not real!

Solo yachtswoman Jessica Watson’s family must be an amazing group of incredibly supportive visionary thinkers to see what Jessica saw at such a young age and to support her in the process of bringing her dream to fulfilment.

Most people have the gift of seeing the problems and why something can’t be done; only a few have the gift of seeing, along with you, the possibilities of new and exciting vision.

Here’s to the dreams within you! May they live and grow healthy and strong to become amazing ventures of great benefit to many!

(c) May 2010 John Drury, Summit Leadership Solutions

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