A Vision Board Makes Your Vision Visual

We live in a highly visual age where communication and entertainment is done most powerfully through movies, television, billboards and via the internet. Therefore it makes sense for individuals (and organisations) to step up and present their vision in a visual format.

For larger organisations this can mean producing a video either with live footage or still pictures with a voice-over to enable your people to better catch your corporate vision.

Poster covered with a collage of pictures and text representing a person's vision

For individuals the simplest form of this is a Vision Board.

A Vision Board can be as simple as pasting pictures and words on a sheet of cardboard so it becomes a visual representation of your desired future.

A Vision Board works most powerfully to motivate and inspire when it is done across your whole life: family, friends, finance, lifestyle, career, personal development, dream holidays, dream house, etc.

For highly visual people this is a MUST! As they say,  a picture paints a thousand words.

For everyone the process of doing this will assist you to make your personal vision more tangible and motivating.

There is no right or wrong way of making a vision board. The shape of it will be an expression of you.

So many people get sidetracked and often lost in the midst of the details of life. Some kind of visual representation of your personal vision is a very powerful way to keep yourself focused and motivated.

So, find some magazines, or search the free pictures on the internet and start creating your own Vision Board. You’ll be glad you did.


Another poster with pictures and text representing personal vision


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