What are your ‘end of year’ priorities?

This week I have had 5 conversations with clients that involved detailed discussions and booking appointments into next year. Suddenly, the end of this year is in view. And it is less than 100 days until Christmas (less than 90 days as this newsletter hits your inbox).

In any business (but especially service-based) one of the things you MUST be doing NOW is to create and implement a winning marketing strategy. A refreshed marketing campaign in September or early October is critical for setting your business up with a steady pipeline of new clients for a strong start for 2023. It will likely help with a few extra sales this year too.


A chance to refresh everything

During any year your business will adapt and change in more ways than you realise. The market is changing all the time too. It is dangerous to have a ‘set and forget’ approach to marketing. Your messages need to be refreshed. As do your main offerings (products/services). You also need to refresh the images on your website and other collaterals. You would be wise to appear to have a new offering that is designed for today’s transitioning marketplace.


Refresh your Avatar

Your avatar (or ideal client) needs to be super clear in your mind. And written down. During this year what have you learned about your ideal client? Write down again in detail the characteristics of your avatar. Has anything changed? Are their characteristics any different?


Refresh your offerings and your marketing messages

Have you developed anything new in the past year? Are there problems you have noticed that you can solve for clients that are different to a year ago? Do you need to adjust your marketing messages to make sure they resonate with the people you want to serve?


Refresh your database in your CRM

I have a database of just over 1200 people. Mostly people of whom I have awareness. It’s a warm list. I go through it this time of year and create a short list of those to whom I want to reach out personally. I also go through my phone contacts and make appointments with those I want to check in on.

It is amazing how easy it is to forget people. And people are always opportunities to serve. Some people I spoke with during the year were not ready at the time to engage my services. No matter how well I update my CRM it is easy for some to slip through the cracks. This is the time to be back in touch with those people.


Implement your refreshed marketing plan

The impact of any plan comes as it is implemented. It may take a day to refresh your marketing plan. Your action steps are what will bring the results. Those steps need to be consistently happening over the next 30 days to gain the traction you will need. Get your messages out in whatever ways you have learned work best for you. Then set up a marketing message calendar with your administrative staff to ensure all your various channels are saying the same things over the next 3 months. Time for review will be just before Christmas or when you return to work in January.


Increase your visibility through networking

I encourage you to increase networking over the next 90 days. Attend your local Chamber of Commerce events, and networking groups like BNI (visit or join). By the time we get to November and Melbourne Cup and then Christmas events it would be good if you have already lifted your visibility. Then you will have some connection and energy and be able to enjoy the events.

When you do head out to networking events go with a strategy in mind to find 2 or 3 people who could be your ideal client and get their business card. Ask them if it is okay to call them and make another time to meet with them soon. In these follow up meetings is where the real benefit of networking events is found.


Most of us need help with marketing

If you are overwhelmed and feel alone and this feels all too hard, please reach out for some assistance. If you would like to talk about your situation with an experienced business mentor, please book a free no obligation call with me here. I would love to help set you up to do well and to become someone who can finish well.



Over the years I’ve written many articles about marketing and planning! Here are a few of my favourites to help you integrate your work into all other parts of your life.


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