Everyone likes to win.

If you know me, you will know I am a bit of a cricket tragic. The first test of the current Ashes series at Edgbaston in U.K., was a huge win for the Australian team. A tight finish with 5 overs to go before end of play on the final day, and the Australian pair of Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon held on to score the winning runs. The Birmingham crowd which had boisterously supported their team throughout the match was stunned into silence as the tight contest came to a dramatic conclusion. This was ‘test match’ cricket at its finest. With a recent history of tight Ashes matches going England’s way, this was a win to savour for Australian players and fans.


Some reflections about ‘winning’ from the first Ashes Test.

  • Winning is not primarily about talent.
    Australia’s unlikely batting heroes on this occasion were both selected in the team for their bowling talent, not their batting. They showed the focus and application to work with their limited skills to score the final 55 runs required for victory.
  • Determination and resilience are more important than talent.
    More talented batters had come and gone during the Australian innings. In fact, in this test match the two highest ranked batters in the world (Labuschagne and Smith) were both dismissed cheaply in both innings. Several team members contributed to the final score. Holding to their processes throughout the game enabled the Australian team to snatch the key moments that come throughout a game. They did this across the 5 days better than their opponents and were still standing at the end.
  • Winning requires clear processes for both the team and each individual player.
    Interesting for cricket followers was the very different approach taken by each team in this match. England’s aggressive Bazball approach was tested with both bat and ball. They did very well on Day 1 and for periods throughout the game. Australia held firm under the Bazball attack and was able to execute their more conventional approach often under pressure. Usman Khawaja batted resolutely for long periods to take out man of the match honours. He executed his proven processes very well.The English team’s determination to play a particular style of cricket led them to make two selections that in hindsight proved risky. Spin bowler, Moheen Ali, was brought back into their team with very limited test match preparation. He was required to bowl for long periods and his spinning finger was not up to the challenge. Also, wicket-keeper Johnny Bairstow was brought back into the team because of his batting ability replacing a much better keeper in Ben Foakes. Bairstow missed 5 chances to dismiss Aussie batters which probably cost England the game.
  • Winning requires a strong mindset to hold firm under pressure.
    In the end the Aussies held on in this contest with more grit and determination than their opponents for the win. They followed their processes with bat and ball and in the field. They were able to rebuild after losing wickets or after a long partnership from the English batters.This first test has created huge interest. It is set to be an exciting series with four more test matches to be played over the next month.
  • Winning is a team effort.
    An inspirational leader makes a difference, but winning in a team sport requires all members of the team to buy-in. Both teams appeared to be led well and to play as a team. This is possibly one of the main reasons so many are tuned into this series.


The comparisons to business success are obvious.

  • Business success goes not to the most talented but to those most willing to learn and grow through the discomfort of the pressures associated with business life. The most talented can give up when it becomes challenging. Whereas those with a growth mindset seek out the lessons they need to learn and gather the support they require to become successful.
  • Determination and resilience are vital qualities for a business owner to be successful. Those who have such qualities are usually fuelled by a passion for what they do. They have a bigger reason that making money. They want to make a difference and they refuse to settle for less.
  • Creating clear processes for the business and clear roles for each team member is vitally important for a healthy successful business.
  • A mindset geared towards success is essential for every business team. To develop the confidence to hold that positive mindset through pressured times sets you apart.
  • Business success requires the business owner to inspire and lead their team. When a team gels behind inspirational leadership, good things tend to happen. Little things start to go your way and momentum builds. Your business becomes an exciting place to be. Much more than a workplace.


How are you going? Are you building towards business success?

As a Business Mentor I can help you identify the strengths of your business. I can help you clarify your vision and create a clear strategic plan to achieve your goals. I can assist you to build and lead your team, so they know how they contribute strongly to business success. I am helping clients every day to discover ways to grow their business in such a way that they get a great return on their efforts. I love to help release the potential in your business and your team so that you can start to get used to winning more often.

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