No-one is good at everything!

The most talented and successful people usually have glaring weaknesses. The difference is they have learned to embrace and maximise their strengths.

Knowing and truly accepting yourself is the basis of self-respect.

To live life trying to cover up your weaknesses is such an unfortunate way to live. It leads to a life of hiding and pretending and never feeling good enough.

Healthy Self-Respect allows you to celebrate your strengths and accept your weaknesses related to your personality. E.g. If you are a big picture person it is rare that you will also be good with processes; if you are highly visual it is rare that you will be good with details; if you are excellent with people then you may struggle with task deadlines.

Having a clear and objective understanding of yourself is releasing. It enables you to focus on working in areas of strength and delegate areas of weakness. It reduces frustration in self and others. You will produce higher quality work. You can more truly be you rather than trying to be someone you are not.

In life, healthy self-respect releases you to focus on your strengths and not worry about your weaknesses.

(The exception here is character weaknesses. They usually do need to be worked on and overcome – e.g. temper)

To learn more about how to develop healthy self-respect see:


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