I have been thinking a lot about what drives me in business. While making money is important, I can honestly say money is not the main driver. The passion underneath it all has become clearer and clearer the longer I work as a mentor to businesspeople.

My latest version of how I describe my passion is: I find great joy in working with businesspeople to help release the potential of an idea, an individual or a team.


Passion comes from your heart, not just your head.

When you talk about passion, many people immediately think of things outside of work. Type the word ‘passion’ into a search engine and look at the images that come up. Not many are of people working. This is because work often is seen as drudgery, a negative rather than a positive passion. Yet, I know many high achievers who are very passionate about their work. Many business-owners are passionate about their work, and how they make a difference in the world; not just about making money.

It is sad that for many salary and wage earners work is not linked to passion. Great leaders in businesses can create an environment where their people can discover and pursue their passion in the workplace. It usually has a lot more to do with making a difference in the world than efficiently completing a list of tasks. My ‘To Do’ List does not inspire much passion but knowing that what I do and am a part of, makes a difference in the lives of others certainly will. Leaders help people make that connection in a way that stirs passion and increases engagement.

I know that the challenges of owning and running a business are great, and if you do not have passion for what you do, it can become overwhelming and exhausting, rather than a joyful experience.


When you know your WHY for business, everything else usually falls into place.

The beginning of a new year is a good time to invest time to rethink what it is you love about your work. Strip away all the tasks and details and think deeply about what it is you love about what you do. What presses your buttons? What gives you that sense of fulfilment?  As humans we need to know we are making a difference. To stay the course for business success, we need to feel a sense of fulfilment.

Working hard is rarely the issue for businesspeople. They know how to work hard. The issue is they are not sure that the way they are working is going to release the potential they ‘see’. The vision they dare to believe in when things are good. That vision can be so fleeting like a mist disappearing with the next tough issue that arises.


5 steps guaranteed to help you renew your passion for your business.

  1. Find some time to think. Take a slow morning or a long weekend. I believe that time to think is vital to business success. It is also one of the most often neglected investments in business.
  2. Write down the main things you love about your business. What is the core of your enjoyment in business? What gives you the most fulfilment? It will usually be something other than making money. Making money will be a by-product of you doing what you are passionate about.
  3. Review your past 4 weeks. Of the things on your list that you love about your business, what else has crept in to steal your time? What drains you? Note these things.
  4. Think, is there a way to eliminate some of the draining activities? Are they essential to your business? Can you delegate them? For long term fulfilment it is important to build your business around your passion and your strengths. You need to enjoy what you do.
  5. Ask yourself where you can see the business in 3 years? Write down your vision for the business in 3 – 5 years. Be as specific and as detailed as you can. Once that vision is clear you can more easily set goals and make plans. This will help you stay on course when things get tough, or when assessing a left-field opportunity.


Passion combined with clear vision is a powerful force

Sitting with business owners who have such a strong desire for more and are willing to work hard is part of my passion. I love to ask questions and listen, and then ask another question, with the aim of getting to the heart of the matter. I want to understand what it is that a business owner has dared to dream and help them articulate that dream into a vision statement. Once it is IN WORDS and can be written down it becomes tangible in a whole new way. Vision that is crystal clear, has creative power to stir people. Employees can be turned into passionate team members who feel part of an exciting journey to make a difference in the world. If there is a compelling vision.


Not many of us see ourselves clearly enough to solve our own issues.

I find that I need a coach to help draw the best thinking out of me. If these questions cause you to struggle or become a bit overwhelmed, then can I suggest you reach out for a conversation. I love to help business owners think about how they can build a successful business that enables them to create a great lifestyle for themselves and their family. If you’ve got a level of success already, there will be things you already have achieved that you can leverage. I can help you develop those things that will enable you to have more time to create a great life. Your business can go even better with you doing less in it. I can help you to become one of those relatively rare individuals who do discover the freedom, flexibility, and fulfilment you were looking for when you first started your business.

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