NSW has achieved the 70% vaccination rate that triggers the lifting of some of the restrictions we have all endured to stay safe from the delta variant of the Covid-19 virus.

In 2 weeks we will be 80% double vacc’d, and on Dec 1 most restrictions will be lifted for all members of society whether they are vaccinated or not.

Most of my clients and business associates are gearing up for the business opportunities that are coming with the lifting of restrictions and the anticipated bounce back of economic activity.

Some will be cautious through November and December. We have been locked down pretty strictly for over 100 days. It will be awkward for many to take a bus or a train or feel safe in groups of people in a public space.

We are all hoping to be able to take a break this summer. Holiday lettings are being booked out quickly around NSW and many are keen to book overseas holidays again.

There will be some opportunities immediately for some businesses but for many the real growth and increase of business activity will come after we have enjoyed some sunshine and head into the new year.


How motivated are you?

Don’t be surprised if your mind is thinking about what you should be doing to prepare your business but your body is lacking energy.

There has been a huge depletion of energy in what we have all experienced over the past 20 months. The ups and downs of going through multiple lockdowns has had a cumulative effect.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster. Some have been traumatised. Even tough minded task-oriented people who rarely struggle with taking action have been affected. Some of us have not let down emotionally since before Christmas 2019 when the bushfires were so horrible due to the devastating drought. Since then we have had floods, pandemic, lockdowns, lifting of lockdowns, and then attempts to open up while we tried to keep covid out of the country. Melbourne has been the most locked down city in the world. Some have learned to operate their business from their dining room table while they tried to help children with schooling. The road map out of lockdown and the incredible take up of vaccination has allowed the hope of a new beginning. But I can tell you – we are all very tired. Instances of stress and psychological injuries like anxiety and depression have increased greatly.


What everyone must do

To ensure you have the motivation and the energy required to take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge into 2022 I encourage you to do two things

  1. Take some time to plan. Planning has been frustrating over the past 20 months. Most plans have had to be changed so much and so often. Some business owners have decided not to plan. They are just going with the flow and taking whatever comes. That may be a reasonable strategy during a storm (pandemic). But no longer. It is time to refresh your business vision. Check your business offering. Make sure you are solving problems for which people are happy to pay good money. Then check your business model. Is there a better way? Have your competitors changed the way they operate? Then make sure you can operate within the remaining Covid-safe guidelines. You need to set some goals for 2022. Where do you want to be by the end of the year? And then finally, create an opening plan for the next 3 months through to February. February is when things should really begin to get moving.
  2. Enjoy some rest and recreation – if you take the time to do the planning work, and do whatever preparations you need to get started, you are then in a good position to take some time off. Don’t allow fear that your business may miss out to drive you. You will thank yourself during 2022 if you take some time off during January. You will have more headspace. You will have greater resilience. Your emotional reserves will be deeper. It will be worth the expense to book some time away and forget about the past year (actually more than 2 years).


Are you good at asking for help?

I have learned that I go better when I have someone help me think. If you would like some assistance with thinking about your business that is something I love to do. I am working with many clients to help them refresh their business vision and to prepare for the opportunities to come. It is important to think deeply. It is good to as aware as possible of your industry and the changes in the market place. There will be a new year of challenges ahead. We are not going back to life before the pandemic. Many things will have changed. You will need to be on your toes to make sure you adjust your business to the new marketplace. Even more reason to ask for help, and then to take a good break to refresh and get ready.

My Quarterly Planning Workshop is on Thursday December 16th if you would like to plan for a strong Q1 2022.

If you would like to book a call with me to talk about your business and see if I am the right person to help you then book a time with me here


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