Take a break: What can you do to avoid burnout?

How to manage your energy levels to avoid burning out

First published on CEOWorld Magazine on 16 March 2018.

We all know about bracket creep, where small increases in salary over a few years push people into a higher tax bracket.

In the first two decades of the twenty-first century corporate executives and small business owners have experienced what could be called ‘work creep’. Work has crept into more and more areas of our personal lives, especially through smartphone technology.

Gallup research indicates four in 10 people are working more than 50 hours a week. Studies show we become tired and less productive after working 50 hours a week. Working long hours is the main reason for sleep deficit, which is a huge productivity killer.

The overall effect has been to create more tired and busy people who never fully switch off from being in ‘work mode’… even on holidays. Sadly, for a growing cohort, burnout has become totally debilitating.

According to insurer AMP, income protection claims in 2016 for psychological injuries (stress, anxiety and depression) have increased dramatically and are now at the same level as physical injuries and double the rate for cancer.

It’s all about managing your energy

One of the important strategies for better integrating your busy work roles with all that is precious in your life is to learn to manage your energy. We have limited supplies of energy. When we work long hours every week, we burn up our energy.

Stress interrupts our sleep and undermines other essentials for replenishing energy. While physical fitness is important, and has been shown to assist greatly in stress management, there is a bigger picture.

You can be physically fit and emotionally drained, which leads to flatness, reduced function and decreased productivity. If unaddressed, this leads to what is loosely called burnout.

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