I was speaking with a business owner last week at a business networking event. I had not seen him for a long time. He is a very likable man with a good business, and I was curious as to what he has been doing. He told me that he has been just doing his best to service his clients. I asked how that was going and he indicated that he needed new clients. He had not been out networking or doing much marketing for the past year and was now struggling to find new business.

His sense of urgency around finding new clients had led him to partner with an organisation that was not particularly aligned with his values. This was not providing a good return on the time he was investing in their activities.


Some are still rebooting their business activity post-covid disruption.

As we talked it was apparent that he was still recovering from the Covid period. I have noticed this with a few small business owners. They seem to be waiting for business to go back to how it was before Covid lockdowns. That will not happen. The world has changed and there is a need to be proactive to ensure you are able to capitalise on the current opportunities. In fact, most good businesses have been strongly back building their business since early 2022. They have been trying things and learning how to navigate the emerging marketplace of the post-covid world.


It is difficult to rebuild lost momentum.

He was trying to stir up the desire to go back out to business networking events. He was also a bit lost about how best to get back onto social media to market his services. He was not sure where to start and he did not have much spare money available to employ someone to help him. It felt like he had to go right back to the early days of his business and start over again. That was not true, but it is how he felt.

Momentum is a wonderful thing in your business. When you have momentum, it feels like everything is working for you. You feel lucky. There are prospects everywhere. Your confidence is boosted, and it is easy to have energy for work. You start to get into a flow which makes you look good. You probably look better than you really are. Without momentum, you feel and look worse than you are.


7 keys to build and maintain momentum in your business.

  1. Serving your clients well is the starting point for building momentum. Happy clients are always your best advertisement. If your quality is poor, you will not build anything that will last, and momentum will never be your friend.
  2. Leverage your client testimonials as social proof for your business offering. Happy clients are usually willing to give you a testimonial that you can use to provide social proof for how you help people. Use their testimonials on your all your digital platforms. Ask your clients if they are willing to speak to prospects to help them sign up with you. Most are willing.
  3. Create crystal clear marketing messages. Target your marketing messages at how you solve your ideal client’s most pressing problems. Make it all about them, not about you.
  4. Draft a marketing plan to help you maximise your time and money. It takes considerable energy to reboot a business until you have momentum. You need to make sure you follow a plan so that your energy and money is wisely invested. Test and measure the effectiveness of your marketing.
  5. Get organised. This will mean having a way of tracking your prospects and your activity with them. You don’t want to forget about someone. You need to follow up with people regularly. A Customer Relationship Management system is essential for this. I use Active Campaign these days. In my early days I had a large funnel drawn on a sheet of cardboard up on my wall with names of prospects on post-it notes. I would move the post-it notes down the funnel to track their journey from contact to client. Find a system that works for you.
  6. Consistently doing the right things over time will build and maintain momentum. If you consistently work at the first 5 steps, you will find over 6 months you will start to build some momentum. As you get out there and become visible things will begin to grow. Your ideal clients will start to notice you. You will find referral partners who will help give you warm leads. You will find networking groups that welcome you and in which you can become known. There is no other way to build and maintain momentum than to be consistent over the long term.
  7. Never stop marketing your business. Review your business offering, refresh your marketing, but never stop marketing your business. Marketing is always an investment in your business. Never treat it as just another expense. If you grow and have too many clients, it can be tempting to cut back on the marketing. The danger is that you lose that momentum. When you become very busy, there are other options available to you to leverage that success in your business. You can add staff, create a waiting list, or increase your prices.


How are you going? Do you have momentum in your business?

A Business Mentor can help you find the ways you can build momentum in your business. I am helping clients every day to discover ways to grow their business in such a way that they get a great return on their efforts.

If you would like to have a free 30-minute phone or video call to discuss your situation, please book a call with me here. I am happy to invest 30-60 minutes with you to understand your situation and help you towards some effective next steps.



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