2021 is a year of opportunity!

I know it intuitively. I sense it all around me. Switched on businesspeople are already making things happen and trying new things. If you are still reeling from a disrupted 2020, that is okay but not for much longer. It is time to review your business offering and make sure you are ready to roll. It’s time to make sure you regain your focus. Hope is all around you. It’s like the green shoots after a bushfire. There are negative people, but that is always the case. Stay away from those people except to lift them up and encourage them. Make sure you get your mind clear and your energy levels strong so you can have a good year this year.

There are 5 things that successful business people seem to do that enables them to cut through and succeed. These things are not new, but they are more relevant than ever.

5 Keys to bouncing back strong in 2021

1. Your attitude is vital. Attitude really does set you apart. Those business leaders who struggle to deal with their negative thoughts and emotions send an unclear signal to their team and their customers. Your main work is always on yourself. Your main competitor looks back at you from the mirror each morning. If you can keep working on yourself, that personal growth journey will lead you to business success. How you turn up each day at work matters. How you turn up to a sales meeting will usually determine whether you get the sale. Processing disappointments and regrets well is so important. So is a good support network of colleagues and mentors. A curious mind that wants to learn and grow is the best mindset to develop for business success.

This is truer than ever in 2021. Some things have changed forever last year. You do not need to be afraid. But you do need to be curious and open to learn and adjust your ways of operating. 

2. It is time to focus. Clarity of vision that helps you know what you are wanting from your business is vital. Vision is knowing where you are headed in a broad longer-term sense. The challenge right now is to then set some realistic and motivating goals that help you focus your time and energy in 2021.  This is where a good business coach can help you think and plan. Great business coaches will then help you implement your plans and adjust them as you navigate the journey forwards. Without such focus you can end up responding to whatever comes at you. This could lead you into unhelpful dead ends because you will tend to stick to what you know. If what you know is no longer at the cutting edge, you are in trouble.

3. Take a realistic approach. In Australia we have a Lotto mentality. If only I could find that one thing that will cause my business to take off and make me lots of money. The truth is, more than half the people who win Lotto have their lives destroyed by the experience. Anything we get too quickly can overwhelm us and cause us grief.

Little by little is good. It is normal. Consistent incremental growth over time is the main way people grow wealth. Any amount of money invested at 7% compound will double in 10 years. That is better than a risky get rich quick scheme, yet somehow not as exciting. When you are 50 years old and have been doing well consistently for 20 years you are very grateful for the lifestyle you can afford.

Consistently implementing a relevant and flexible plan is the best way to grow a business. 

4. Take action every day. The danger is we dream and talk a lot. We may even set goals and plan. But the key to bouncing back strong in 2021 is to be taking action every day. Action that will progress your business towards your goals.

Conrad Hilton of Hilton Hotels said, “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but don’t quit.”

Busyness can be confused with productivity. It is not about just taking any kind of action so you can be busy. It is about taking focussed action towards your goals according to your plan.

5. Make mistakes your friend. We all fail, especially if we are doing new and exciting things that we have not done before. If you wait until you know everything before you start you will often miss the opportunity. Progress is more important than perfection. Mistakes are part of learning things well. You can read about a subject and think you know a lot, but you only become a true subject matter expert by learning on the job. The mistakes you make take your book knowledge deeper and make it real. You can always tell someone who knows their craft from depth of experience. They stand out from those who think they know but are untried in the field of endeavour.

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