Happy New Year!

The Chinese are about to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. They connect this symbol with hope.
For me, REFRESH is the word of the year for 2023.
As I have shared this with some of my clients, this word has resonated with every one of them.



When you have been for a run on a hot day a cold shower will refresh you.
When your browser is slow to load it helps to refresh your screen.
When the tea is cold, the pot needs refreshing.
Short term courses give professionals an opportunity to refresh their skills.
Going over study notes helps refresh a student’s memory towards an exam.


We are all in great need of refreshing.

There is a lingering tiredness as we start the year. Last year, 2022, was hard work and exhausting. For some it was a crushing year.
After 2 years of pandemic disruptions and uncertainty there was hope that 2022 would be back to some kind of normality. That was far from true.
As the proverb says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”
Business was tough. Shortages and rising costs of staff and supplies made it challenging to make profit.
Many people I know were hanging out to just finish the year and have a break.
Time off, especially if it was away from normal living spaces, has helped.
But, as we return to work, this week or next, it is still hard to have much energy and excitement about the new year.


5 ways to refresh yourself and your work in 2023

1. Declutter your office and your home.

My wife and I have been refreshing our home and work spaces during the holidays. We have been throwing out everything that is not essential.
We have painted the office. After a week away at the beach, we have come back and done a little each day interspersed with a beach day, lunch out, a movie, and a daily swim in our neighbour’s pool.
The effect has been to feel more organised, in control of our world, and surprisingly refreshed.

2. Take a fresh look at everything in your business.

For me this first few weeks back at work I will be refreshing the pictures I use, revamping my workbooks, changing up my pre-session mentoring checklist.
For some it may be time for a rebrand. Fresh logo, colours, website, new look.
It may be time for a new hairdo, or wardrobe. During Covid lockdowns we did not need new clothes, but now we do. If not for heading to the office, at least do it to feel and look fresher.
After 5 years with my current reliable car, I’m thinking of investing in a new car, perhaps an EV or hybrid.

3. Change one thing in your daily routine – e.g. morning routine

How you start your day has a big impact on how productive you are. We are not machines, so variety can be a booster. Sometimes a small change can bring fresh results. Start small if you like. A year ago I started to do 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, 30 squats and 30 glute stretches every day. I have been doing it in the evening and it has worked really well all year. Except now it is too hot in the evenings. So I have switched to the mornings and it is surprising how that little bit of effort in the morning (after I walk the dog) has been energising to my mind and body. It gets me going in a fresh way. Try something. Even a small thing and the benefit may surprise you.

4. Make a new commitment to regularly replenish.

This is one about which I am very passionate. I have learned the benefit of having several things in my week that help me totally disengage from work. For many working from home has made the lines between work and personal life invisible. Some call this work-life integration. I call it allowing work to dominate your world. It is CRITICAL for our long-term mental and emotional health that we have other activities than work that fully engage us on a regular basis. For me it is walking and playing with my dog, the next project in the garden, playing cricket every weekend in summer, golf in winter, always having a novel on the go. I encourage you to find a hobby, something you enjoy, in which you can regularly (at least weekly) totally disengage from work.

5. Monitor your relationships.

Our relationships either lift us or drag us down. Sometimes we are lazy with relationships. We take our friends for granted. We do not invest in a new relationship as it takes work and we are not sure the interest will be reciprocated. I’m talking about friendships. This can lead to life feeling stale and tired.
I suggest you do an inventory and see where you may be able to invest in a new friendship or liven up an old one.
Do this with your life partner first. Make an effort to do something new together. One of my clients is attending ball room dancing classes with his wife this year. And then review your inner circle. It may be time to try some new things with old friends or seek to reach out and bring someone new into your life.

There are many ways you can refresh your life and your work in 2023. I would love to hear what you are doing. Hit reply and tell me. If you are finding work challenging and are not sure how to think differently about your business. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can see opportunities that are hidden to you because you are too close and a bit blind to what is around you. If you would like to have a conversation about your situation please reach out to book a free, no obligation, 30 minute phone or video call. Just reaching out will give you some fresh ideas that could make a world of difference to your success in 2023.



Over the years I’ve written many articles about how to start and refresh for the new year! Here are a few of my favourites to help you integrate your work into all other parts of your life.


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