A zoom lens (Canon EOS C300 pictured) enables a camera operator to see the big picture panorama AND also zoom in to view a particular item from close up in great detail. For me this is a powerful metaphor for how a business owner needs to operate to build a successful business.

The Panoramic View

zoom lensThe zoom lens enables a wide angle panoramic view of the big picture in front of you. In business the panoramic view only becomes clear when the business owner steps back from working in all the details of the business and takes a big picture view.

This view will include the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the business.

  • What – the VISION of what you are are seeking to achieve in and through your business in the longer term. The clearer the vision the easier it is to communicate and involve others in helping you make it happen
  • Why – this is the sense of MISSION you have about your business. Beyond making you money this is what drives you to get up and work hard each day. Your why needs to motivate you deeply. It will usually involve making a difference by adding value to people’s lives. Your mission will also include your core values which are crucial to building trust and creating healthy culture.
  • How – successful businesses create a STRATEGIC PLAN. This plan will be carefully thought through and inspired by the vision. It will enable a business to focus on what is really important each day to achieve extraordinary progress towards clear goals. A good strategic plan also enables a team to work together.

If you do not spend enough time taking the zoom lens wide to see the big picture it is so easy to become overwhelmed by the details of running a business. Once overwhelmed, everything becomes foggy and unclear, and progress is inevitably stifled.

AND……The Close-Up View

zoom lens

The zoom lens also has the capacity for a detailed close-up. It is essential that a business owner can zoom in and focus on the fine details of any particular area of their business. This is what you need to see where the issues and blockages are in your business so you can focus on them and solve them. Many business owners know that things are not working so well but fail to take the time to zoom in on the critical areas to understand the real issues and resolve them.

For example: when you are on-boarding and training new staff members it is essential to take a close-up view. Time spent training effectively will always be worth it in the long run. So many businesses are too busy to provide good training and effective processes so staff members are often set up to fail or for poor productivity.

Perspective comes from developing the zoom lens capacity to see both views!

For business success a business owner must be able to effectively move between the two views enabled by your high quality zoom lens. Perspective that is accurate and helpful comes from both views. The big picture is important to keep you on track. The close-up is vital to sort out problems and to make sure the processes are working in every part of your business.

The big picture on its own misses important details. The close-up on its own can provide a distorted view.

It is extraordinarily difficult for any business owner to maintain clear and accurate perspective on their own. One of the benefits of a business coach is to assist with this process. Good business coaches are great zoom lens operators; good with both the big picture and zooming in for the close-up to understand and resolve potential trouble spots within a business.

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Photos: John Drury, panorama and close-up at a restaurant along Sanur Beach Bali 2017 on holiday with my wife Jo.


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