Money attitudes

There are so many money attitudes that I have come across. For example:Money Attitudes

  • those for whom money is a tool that helps them get important things done
  • those who are always measuring everything and everyone by a $ value
  • those who have money but guiltstops them enjoying the benefits
  • those whose guilt about money causes them to regularly sabotage success
  • those who know how to make money but do not know how to use it wisely
  • those who have an “easy come easy go” attitude to money
  • those who use the money they have as a means of power and control
  • those who do not seem to have much money yet they are always generous
  • those who are tight with every cent and yet never seem to have enough
  • those who never know how much money they have and seem not to care
  • those who see investment opportunities everywhere and are always taking risks to make more money
  • those who are always looking for the latest scheme to make a fortune
  • those who delay gratification, save diligently and over a lifetime become comfortably wealthy.
  • those who fear lack and hoard money as their security
  • those who have become enslaved by debt through poor choices and bad luck

Everyone, including you, has money attitudes.

Your money attitudes are either releasing you or hindering you to make and enjoy wealth. In my experience most people’s negative money attitudes stop them from having the strength of personal belief to take the risks required to be a successful business person or investor. That is why most people prefer working for wages or a salary. They see running a business as too risky. They don’t want to carry that kind of pressure.

Many small business people step out and take a level of risk and learn how to make enough money to pay the bills. However, for many their money attitudes kick in and limit them so they never rise much above survival. They stay at a level where they really have bought themselves an exhausting job.

How are your money attitudes limiting you?Money attitudes

Money attitudes are determined by relationships

It is said that your income will never rise above the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. If you have aspirations in your heart to be, do and have more then you need to be willing to make some big changes in your relationships. Your close relationships are the biggest factor in determining your money attitudes!

Are your relationships helping or hindering your money attitudes?

Money attitudes are important!

There is no particular money attitudes that work for everyone. You need to determine your long term goals, be honest about your current situation, and assess what are the gaps in you, in your attitudes and your learning. Then you can get the help you need to make the changes necessary to achieve your goals. It depends a lot on how much you really want your goals. And it depends on how willing you are to get out of your comfort zone and mix with people who will assist you to change your money attiudes.

What are your money attitudes and how are they helping or hindering you?


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