Why I believe work-life balance is a myth

First published on WSSBE Website on 17 April 2018.

And what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle.

I am writing this sitting in Fukuoka International Airport as I wait for my flight home to Australia. I have been visiting my daughter who lives here with her husband and little girl. My daughter is also expecting another baby.

I work as a business consultant and have clients all over Australia. So, while I have been playing Poppy, I have also been working. I have been keeping up to date with emails and doing some thinking. I also had one client meeting via video link (zoom.us) after which the client reflected via email how it was a great session which really helped him focus on his business. I also had a 90-minute sales call with a prospect with whom I have been relating for several months. During our session, he decided to engage my services (which is for me a sale that pays for my trip 5 times over). I have been relating to my website designer about changes to my website and a whole new marketing plan I am implementing. I find travelling and staying in hotel rooms is a great time to think. I am taking notes for upcoming blogs and my second book which will be written later this year.

Did I mention I came to Fukuoka via Malaysia where my step-son and I climbed the highest mountain in SE Asia (Mt Kinabalu 4095.2metres)? This has been on my bucket list for over 10 years. My wife and I enjoyed our quarterly week off work in Kota Kinabalu, after the mountain climb. She went back home with our son, and I travelled on to Japan. On this trip, I have also read a novel by one of my favourite authors (Daniel Silva). I have eaten some great food and seen some amazing places. I have connected with my other children and grandchildren via facetime. I have averaged over 12000 steps every day. And I have played lots of games of ‘Words with Friends’ on my phone.

This is all about living a life where my work serves my lifestyle. It takes some planning and discipline to make it happen well. When I am home I work hard. But I always make sure that I am making progress across my life, not just in my business. The benefits are huge.

Work-life balance is a myth

It is not about work-life balance! Anyone who is passionate about their work will find balance an unhelpful concept. In fact, I believe there is no such thing as work-life balance. It is a myth. To be successful there are times you have to put your head down and work very hard to complete a project or finalise a deal. The work-life balance idea can make passionate high achievers feel guilty because they are meant to stop thinking about work when they are at home or at a movie or out with friends. High achievers can have a business idea spark anytime. In a busy season they are thinking about that difficult email they have to send while they are reading a bedtime story to their child. For high achievers this is normal.

The challenge is to make sure you do not allow work to dominate everything that is precious in your world.

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