Of course you bring personal baggage to work! Just as you take work issues home with you. One affects the other.

However, the more I work with business owners and corporate executives the more I am convinced that the things most likely to undermine your business or career are not work matters but personal matters.

Just as a professional sports person performs at their best when their personal life is flourishing. Think: Darius Boyd (NRL), Buddy Franklin (AFL), Mitch Johnson (Australian Cricket Team). When something in their personal life was not working well their on field performances were dramatically affected. To the point they had to take time out to sort out their personal lives.

Work is all consuming

We live in a busy 21st Century world, where a global economy and smart phone technology mean business communication and decisions are made 24/7. For high achievers it is an exciting and intoxicating world filled with opportunities. We cannot live our lives in neat compartments (not sure we ever could). It is almost impossible to go home and switch off. There is always more to do. The danger is that work dominates and consumes your personal life like the insatiable aliens in the movie Independence Day.

Work – life integration

In order to succeed long term we must develop an integrated approach to all aspects of our lives. If you want to flourish in your business or career then you must take responsibility to set goals and make plans across your whole life. Invest in your marriage and family. Life plans not just business plans. Carve out time to look after your physical fitness and eat nutritionally. Make sure you build and maintain a good support network of friends and family. Learn what replenishes you and schedule time to do it regularly. Build your business on self-care strategies.

Your success in business is far more likely to be undermined by issues in your personal life than any particular business decision.  Your energy and motivation for business comes from your personal life. Make sure you don’t allow your drive for success to wreck your health or your most precious relationships. Marriage struggles left unattended will affect your heart and motivation more than any business competitor or frustrating staff member.

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