Are YOU too crazy busy to work on your business?

In my role as a Business Leadership Consultant I meet lots of business owners every week.It strikes me more and Too Crazy Busymore how many feel and act as though they are too crazy busy to take time out to work on their business.

They are quick to agree that they should sit down and plan more, and become more strategic with their time and energy. They can agree that it would benefit them personally and their business if they did. After a 10 minute discussion they usually laugh and say, “But when would I ever have the time to do that?”

They seem resigned to living life on the run, with rough plans of what needs to be done in a day, but by 10:00am or lunch on a good day, they are responding to demands, emails, crises and complaints; letting other people’s agendas fill their schedule.

I have a theory that some business people actually have become addicted to being too crazy busy. They seem afraid to  slow down for more than an occasional lunch. They are afraid to take even a couple of hours out each week to work on their business.

Business owners who are too crazy busy usually:

  • do not attract and will not retain the best staff members
  • do not take time to train their staff properly
  • do not have a business plan and a clear strategy for growth
  • have not thought through their business and defined their niche
  • have poor criteria for knowing when to say, “yes” and when to say, “No!”
  • will lose perspective and make poor decisions
  • do not have a big enough reason WHY they are in business other than making a wage
  • struggle to be consistent or to maintain direction or clear branding
  • wear themselves out and can become unwell over time.
  • hurt their families and the people they love because they are always distracted
  • find it difficult to maintain long term business success

If you are too crazy busy and see yourself in this list, let me tell you that it is not too late to change.  Owning and running a small or medium size business is a personal growth journey. Things will never change in your business unless you change. And the time to start to change is now! Do not wait any longer.

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