Priorities – We All Have Them

When people say things like, “I can’t afford your program,” and “I don’t have time Prioritiesto be committed to this group.”  I believe that what they are saying has little to do with their lack of money or time. However, it reveals a lot about their priorities.

They are really saying, “I have committed my resources to other things that are more important to me than doing your program”. And “I don’t want to be part of this group badly enough to rearrange my current lifestyle to make sure I can be here every week”.

Gandhi had it right when he said, “Action expresses priorities!”

That is why it is pointless to discount the price of a product or service in order to accommodate someone who does not want it enough to pay what it is really worth. And it is counter productive to rearrange the time for group meetings to include someone who is not really committed. They will always have an excuse and be poor group members.

Priorities cause everything to change

It is amazing how if someone really wants something they can usually find a way. Often they can stretch their funds, even if they have to go into credit. They can rearrange their schedule, sometimes turning their current lifestyle upsidedown. They can all of a sudden say ‘no’ to less important things in order to have or be part of whatever is now perceived to be more important.

Priorities release productivity

Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done? It’s as if they have a secret stash of extra time that enables them to produce so much more content and manage to do so many more things in the time available.

The truth is that everyone has the same amount of time each day and a similar degree of access to resources.Those that are most effective and productive are those who live by clear priorities.Most people are so afraid of missing out in life, they want to keep their options open, and so they never really commit to master anything.

Priorities – powerful keys to your success:Priorities

  • Priorities enable clear focus – it is amazing how when you become clear about what you want and must have in life, everything becomes much simpler.
  • Priorities release commitment – discipline is easier when you know what you are working hard to achieve.
  • Priorities enable you to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ much more easily – you are more willing to cut off things that are not essential to the end result.
  • Priorities cause you to become the leader – focused purposeful people with clear priorities always move to the top of their field.

Have you clarified your priorities? Your life will change when you do!


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