Keys to Self Leadership (3) – Discover Your Strengths! 

If you are a leader you must discover your strengths…. and your weaknesses!

Discover Your Strengths

It is not a sign of weakness to admit you have some areas in which you are not highly competent. No-one on the planet has the ability, or the time, to become skilled at everything. Why would you even want to try?

Let’s face it. You have some areas in which you need help from others. You are not the rugged independent, ‘can do anything I want’ leader. You are to some degree dependent on the skills of others in order to become successful.

So, the sooner you discover your strengths and learn to maximise them the better. And the sooner you delegate everything else the more likely you are to become successful.

Some people waste a lot of time trying to become good at things for which they do not have the ability or the passion.  For example, if you can’t write well then don’t try to come up with the copy for your editorials or your website. You need to hire a copywriter.  

The only weaknesses worth working on are character flaws. For example, if you have a fiery temper it will eventually sabotage everything in your world if you do not learn to manage it.

The 6 best ways to discover your strengths…. and weaknesses.

  1. Ask people who know you well. Make sure they are people you respect. Their observation of you will often be insightful, and most likely very encouraging as well. Don’t be defensive, be curious.
  2. Try lots of things that interest you. Have a go. If you are passionate you will persist through the initial awkwardness and soon determine if you have aptitude. There is almost always an overlap between what you are passionate about and your natural strengths.
  3. Discover Your StrengthsDo a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis on yourself. Even better,  do it with your partner or a few people who know you very well. If you are too threatened to do a SWOT Analysis with close friends then you already know one of your weaknesses – Insecurity.
  4. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Making mistakes is how you learn. Just look at a baby learning how to walk and how many times they fall down. Most still make it.
  5. Engage a mentor. Ideally, someone who is already skilled in areas of your interest. As you work with them, they will assist you and give you honest feedback.
  6. Complete an E-DISC Personality Assessment. E-DISC is the leading psychometric assessment that will show you quickly how you are wired and give very helpful guidance about which areas you are best suited to focus on.

As you discover your strengths and weaknesses it will assist you learn how to lead yourself. Discover your strengths and maximise them. Accept your limitations and allow others to assist you. This will enable you to grow and expand your influence and become a leader of great capacity.

What are your strengths…. and weaknesses?

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