Keys to Self Leadership (2) – Discover Your Purpose

This is the second of the keys to self leadership. I’ve never met an effective leader who did not have a strong underlying sense of purpose. Even if they were not yet doing the main thing they wanted in life, they had a sense of direction and conviction about who they were and why they were on the planet that gave them an edge.

Keys to Self Leadership - Discover your purpose

In the past 100 years or so in Western nations we have invented the whole concept of The Teenage Years during which a young person is not expected to have a clear sense of purpose or direction for their life. These years are supposedly for education and preparation for career, but education without clear direction tends to be meaningless for many. What has eventuated is generations of teens and increasingly twenties (and beyond) who have become dislocated from a sense of purpose.

Without a sense of direction how is it possible to lead others? Where will you lead them?

Purpose is usually a very individual thing, and for some it takes a long time to discover. There can be lots of trial and error and often a variety of pathways on the journey to self discovery. However, I believe there are some common themes to purpose which will relate to everyone.

  • Purpose is built on the foundation of becoming confident in who you are and what gifts, passion and skills you have to contribute
  • Purpose is related to passion. It will awake inner passion that enables life changing decisions and gives strength to endure testing.
  • Purpose will usually be all about serving others, making a contribution
  • Purpose will often be related to being the best version of me that I can be, and helping others on that same journey
  • Purpose will be linked to leaving a legacy, to making the world a better place for you having been alive. All human beings have a desire to make a mark. This is not necessarily about being famous, or rich, but about making a difference.
  • Purpose will involve tasks and making money, but if it is only about those things then it will not necessarily lead to contentment or fulfilment. Purpose provides the BIG WHY behind the drive to have money and perform tasks.

Keys to self leadership - discover your purpose

What is your purpose?

What is in your heart? What gifts (strengths, talents, abilities) have you been given in life?

The best way to discover purpose is to have a go at things for which you   have passion. The things which come easy to you and are affirmed by others  will open up the areas of activity related to your purpose. Continue to  explore these and see what unfolds.

This is the second of the keys to self leadership. The clearer you become about your purpose, the more likely you will become a leader of others.

NB. Self Leadership is the first face of leadership. Read my recent article: Three Faces of Leadership.

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