HOw To Get Things DoneFor all the things you could be doing today what process do you have in place to make sure the most important things get done? The day will pass by, minute by minute, but will the most important things be done?

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the many things that need doing. It is also easy to become distracted by the many voices demanding your urgent attention.
At the beginning of every day a simple question that helps me focus my mind is this: Which 3 things MUST be done to take my business forward? I tell my clients to be ready to answer this question.
If you know the 3 main things that have to get done, then it is much harder to be distracted or overwhelmed. It is much easier to say ‘No!’ to less important things.  It is how to get things done!

How to get things done works in 3’s

Our minds seem to like the number 3. It is a significant enough number of tasks so that we become motivated by the sense of progress gained. It is also a small enough number that we do not get overwhelmed. We can get our head around 3 things. We can remember 3 things. Our completion drive gets involved and helps us want to finish 3 tasks. This is how to get things done!

4 things that will help make this work:

 Now, in order to be honest with you about how to get things done, I need to say that I am assuming four things are in place. In order for this to really work powerfully:
  1. You will know your overall goals
  2. You will have a clear idea of most of the tasks required to achieve your goals
  3. You will have some kind of personal organisational system to keep track of tasks
  4. You will have the ability, or have a mentor who helps you, to see what are the most important tasks that will give you the most progress.

This simple method also works for longer periods

How To Get Things DoneThe question, ‘Which 3 things MUST be done to take my business forward?’ becomes a very powerful tool to focus the mind whether it is for a day, week, month or year. Obviously there are different levels of perspective, thinking and goals for the different periods of time involved.


So, ‘Which 3 things MUST be done to take your business forward today?
Why don’t you sit down and work it out?
You may need some assistance from a trusted advisor or mentor.
If you make this a daily habit I guarantee that you will have clearer perspective and less overwhelm. You will also be more likely to be taking effective action every day.
And your business will grow.
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