How To Be MotivatedIf you can learn how to be motivated it will make you a leader.

Followers need to be motivated by others, whereas leaders know how to be motivated. The person who gets up early, has their own life in order and is ready to go out and serve others, will always do better in life than the person who struggles to wake up, misses breakfast and stumbles bleary eyed into their day.

Motivation is either internal or external. It either comes from within or from an outside source. Some people only get motivated when theyhave the threat of a deadline or negative consequences. Others find motivation from their own ideas, goals and objectives.

I have always found it is far better to employ a motivated person than someone who requires continual external motivation to work hard and get the job done. This is why employers are increasingly hiring on attitude and culture fit rather than skills and experience.

How To Be MotivatedMost would agree that it is much more enjoyable to mix with people who have ideas and energy to make them happen; rather than people who are lethargic and go with the flow.

Some people add energy to a room. Other people seem to suck energy from those around them.

10 things I have learned how to be motivated?

  • Get your mindset right – the more you like yourself and have a positive attitude to life, the easier it will be to learn how to be motivated. You will be confident that you can make a difference in any situation.
  • Know what you want – it’s better to spend time to get your ‘vision’ clear. Having a clear picture of exactly what you want, and a strong reason why you must have it, is the foundation of how to be motivated.
  • Make a good plan – break your larger vision into large sequential chunks. Research at this stage will save you a lot of time and heartache later on. Get your plan clear.
  • Set clear goals – This is where you set targets for what you will achieve within certain time frames. To have unclear goals is like playing basketball with a backboard but no hoop. Goals are motivators and help you measure progress.
  • Reward yourself – In order to learn how to be motivated you need to give yourself appropriate rewards after every significant milestone along the way.
  • Learn how to get thing done –  train yourself to know which 3 things you need to do today and every day and you will move forward towards your goals. Such focus is the key to how to be motivated.
  • Surround yourself with positive encouraging people – you will learn that everyone who has a vision attracts critics. It is part of the territory. Therefore it is very important that you build relationships with people who believe in you and what you are doing. Only listen to people who understand your vision. No-one else!
  • Watch your own self-talk – be your own best encourager – often we are our own worst enemy. Learn to eliminate negative thoughts, and stay positive about yourself and what you are doing.
  • Ask for help – many of these steps will come easier and quicker if you seek out and engage appropriate mentors. Do not allow yourself to get stuck and alone. Isolated people easily become negative and lose motivation.
  • Take ACTION every day – always know your next steps and take action every day. Every project will be completed if you take action every day. Taking action is the best way to get yourself motivated on a cold morning. How To Be Motivated

If you become the person who enjoys doing these 10 things every day you will learn how to be motivated, and you will always stay motivated.



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