How Do Faith and Business Fit Together?

Faith and Business4 For me, faith and business are deeply integrated. My Christian faith is central to who I am, and therefore informs my whole life, including my business. My personal faith helps me enormously in my business life.

However, faith is not the up-front qualifier for my business activity. My faith is not part of my ‘elevator pitch’ or mentioned on my business card. This is the first article I’ve written on this subject. I conduct business with anyone who is willing to engage my services in a professional manner. I work with many people where faith is not discussed or even thought about; certainly not by me.

A person’s values, track record and reputation in business are far more important than any particular beliefs or lifestyle they pursue.

Faith does not necessarily make someone better at what they do. I have found people with strong religious beliefs, who have been poor in their skills, service, and even their ethics. The fact that they say they share my faith is not the primary basis for business activity. E.g. I would rather take my family to a doctor who is skillful and professional but an atheist, than take them to a Christian doctor of lesser ability.

I have been reflecting on faith and business and can see at least 7 benefits for my business life that come from faith.

Faith and Business – 7 benefits:

Faith and Business


  1. Faith informs a larger sense of purpose for life and business – Deep on the inside, my faith helps me see that life is far more than making money or attaining a certain status or level of success. I do not work only for money, but love helping people release the potential in their life and business. A larger sense of purpose makes it easier to handle the day to day issues of business. In the light of eternity, some things are not important or worth fighting over.
  2. Faith provides a moral compass – Faith should inform and shape a person’s values. It is sad when a person who claims a strong personal faith lives and acts contrary to their faith. Values are important in business. When you cannot trust someone to be true to their word or to be honest in their financial dealings business cannot be transacted.
  3. Faith lifts confidence – Because of my faith I have a deep sense of optimism, which lifts my confidence and self belief every day. The motivation to get up each day, to work with clients, to overcome challenges, to resolve conflicts, to achieve new goals, and to stand strong when criticised – all comes from faith.
  4. Faith is a source of strength in difficult times – I believe that Someone is looking after me, and therefore I do not need to be continually anxious or fearful. I believe that things are going to work out; even those things that in the moment appear difficult. The inner peace that faith provides is something for which I am thankful every day.
  5. Faith keeps me humble – I know I can get things wrong. My faith enables me to take responsibility for my words and actions, and to apologise and make amends when I am wrong. With this attitude I have found some of my mistakes have actually turned into great opportunities, due to the humility that comes directly from faith. While wisdom helps me know who to trust, humility also stops me from judging other people harshly.
  6. Faith produces character – The real currency of business is trust. People can be trustworthy without faith. But for me, my faith is what helps me to stand strong in tough times. Faith and BusinessMy faith has been critical to forming my character. Over time a good reputation based on good character builds trust and usually leads to good success.
  7. Faith helps with making decisions – Faith opens up a relationship with God which enables access to intuition that is part of faith. This intuition is an inner knowing. It is like a peace when things are good, and an inner disturbance when something is wrong. I’ve learned to take time to be still each day, to listen for the inner promptings that come from faith.

There are many challenges for people regarding faith and business. This article is seeking to be reflective in a personal and non-judgemental way about some of benefits relating to faith and business.

Other business people who have a personal faith in God may see things differently regarding faith and business. Whatever your particular faith, I am curious to know the benefits you find in being a person of faith?


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