Extended DISC is much more than a Personality Test.

Extended DISC

Extended DISC is a personality profiling test that enables participants to learn which of the four main personality types they are. D for Dominant or Leader; I for Influencer or People Person; S for Steadiness or Stable; C for Conscientious or Details person. Hence we get D.I.S.C. Personality Profile which has been around for over 50 years.

If you just want to know which of the four personality types best describes you then DISC will help you. It is a great start to understanding self and others.

But the fact is that people do not fit neatly into 4 boxes. That is why Extended DISC has been developed and scientifically tested on over 100,000 people worldwide with a reported 90% accuracy. Extended DISC starts with the 4 main personality types and refines the test and the results to include 160 aspects of personality and behaviour.

Extended DISC is the premier personality test available today.

After completing a 48 question computer test, which takes about 15 minutes, a 24 page report is generated. It is forwarded to a trained consultant who will then explain and work through the implications of the report to the test participant.

I have been working with people as a trained Extended DISC consultant for the past 12 months. Every time I sit with a person to go over their personality test report I am reminded of the power of this profiling tool. Without fail my clients are amazed at the accuracy of the report.

Some Benefits of an Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report:

  1. It describes them in detail – their personal attributes, strengths, development areas, motivators, communication style, decision making style, what they try to avoid and their ideal manager-leader
  2. It especially focuses on a person’s natural style and measures that against the way they perceive they need to adjust to be successful in their workplace.
  3. It  is excellent for measuring the amount of energy it takes to perform functions at work. A person can be quite successful at what they do because they have learned to perform the taks of their job, but the amount of energy  required can be stressful. The Extended DISC profile will show which aspects of a role are causing that stress.
  4. It can predict whether a role is sustainable over the longer term or whether it would be better to change aspects of the role in order to better suit  a person’s personality.

The Extended DISC personality profile is actually a personality and behavioural profile. It helps a person to undertsand their personality and their behaviour. The report is an excellent tool with which a trained consultant can assist their client to laser focus on the chief current stressors in their life and work. Over and again my clients tell me it is invaluable.

Extended DISC can be used to analyse a work-pair reporting on the potential for synergy between 2 people. An Extended DISC Team Analysis can be done, as can a 360 reveiw by team members of any position in a company. There are many other ways that Extended DISC can be used.  For more information check Extended DISC Australasia

That is why I am confident to say, Extended DISC is so much more than a personality test.

If you would like to know more about Extended DISC and how you can access your own Extended DISC Profile Report and Consultation please contact John Drury via phone or email.


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