Extended DISC I StyleThis is the second article in the series giving a brief summary of the four main D.I.S. & C. Styles.

If you are outgoing, enjoy talking and spending time with people; love variety and get excited about starting new things the chances are that you are an Extended DISC I style.

I Styles are people oriented. They love big picture ideas and can impulsively make decisions when they get excited. They like to please everybody. They want to be friends with almost everyone they meet. They make connections easily and can build bonds quickly with people. Because of their desire to please they can find themselves  over-promising and over-committing themselves to people, and as a result sometimes letting people down. They can underestimate all that needs to be done to deliver a result. Extended DISC I styles are very optimistic and great influencers. They know how to talk people around to their point of view. Even when they disappoint people they are very likable and can use their people skills to win people over.

The biggest fear of an Extended DISC I style is that people will not like them. They hate being excluded from a  group. Even worse they hate being ignored. They like to stand out and be part of the popular group in an organisation. I styles will do almost anything to avoid confrontation and conflict with people. Conflict management is a skill which takes  a lot of energy for Extended DISC I styles.

They are intuitive decision makers, trusting their feelings about people and situations. They do not need all the facts in order to decide on something. They make decisions quickly. If a decision does not work for them or feel right, they can happily change their mind and do something different.

Their main strengths: Extended DISC I Styles make good team leaders, as they can enthusiastically cast vision, like to have fun and can get others involved. They make fast decisions and do not like to get trapped into routines. They always look for positive solutions and are good at setting an encouraging atmosphere in a group of people. I styles get on friendly terms with people easily and are generally seen as very likable. They are always ready to start new things, and can work on several things at once quite easily.

Their main challenges:  I Styles are not naturally careful with details, and are often disorganised. Under pressure they can even become a bit chaotic. They delegate tasks to others but then do not check back to see if work is done. They are not interested in exact rules and can find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. They are better starters than finishers. They have many people in their life, but can be quite superficial in relationships. They can annoy some because they change their mind and make spontaneous decisions. They can become bored and disinterested quite easily, especially if something or someone more exciting comes along. Some people therefore find I styles quite disloyal. They can be more interested in what other people think than having firm convictions, and so can colour the truth in order to be popular. I styles will do almost anything to avoid confrontation and conflict with people. Conflict management is a skill which takes  a lot of energy for Extended DISC I styles. Other things that take a lot of energy are systematic planning and working alone.

Extended DISC I styleI Styles are excellent in any people-oriented role where it is important to make a good first impression, be passionate and connect easily with people.

They are born to entertain, and are usually very happy to be in front of the microphone or on a stage.

Extended DISC I Styles usually benefit from having a more process oriented person (ideally an SC) to work with them to cover details and to complete all the projects that get started.

Extensive research shows that almost 33% of the adult population, with slightly more women than men, are I Styles on the Extended DISC model.


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