Extended DISC C StyleThis article on the Extended DISC C Style is the fourth in the series giving a brief summary of the four main D.I.S. & C. Styles.

If you are a task oriented person who likes structure and is good with details; you like to research and learn the facts about a topic; you are a bit shy and usually more comfortable working on your own, finding working with other people less efficient; and you like to have all the facts before you make decisions; then you are quite likely an Extended DISC C Style.

Extended DISC C Styles are good at spotting mistakes and enjoy performing work that requires accuracy and exact following of rules. They have a mind that loves to delve into why things happen and how things work. They are very good at specialising and focusing on one thing until they understand it. When making decisions they research the facts, weigh the pros and cons, and take their time to decide.

Extended DISC C Styles think all the time, but are usually not great conversationalists. In a group they will be quiet unless they are specifically called upon to answer a question and then they are most comfortable in an area of their expertise. They do not enjoy parties and unstructured groups of people. Other people tend to see C Styles as logical and lacking emotions.

Extended DISC C StyleThe biggest fear of Extended DISC C Styles is being wrong. They are highly motivated by the desire to be right and to do things accurately. They also find risky situations where everything is moving fast and without clear structure highly stressful. They will tend to avoid high risk situations especially if it involves contending with people.

Their Main Strengths: C styles are precise, logical, matter-of-fact, analytical and careful. They are good with data, information and analyses. They are focused on tasks and ensure things get done correctly. Extended DISC C styles tend to produce and respect high quality work. C Styles are very methodical, will stay in their own area, will find and fix faults and aim for the perfect solution. C Styles do not look for personal power or push themselves forward. They will avoid quarrels to the last possible moment.

Their Main Challenges: C-styles may also focus too much on the details, becoming nitpicking, slow and losing the big picture. At times they get lost in the analysis, focusing too much on the trees and not the forest. Others may perceive Extended DISC C Styles as too critical, distant, pessimistic, and even cold. Because they tend towards perfectionism and hate making errors, they can procrastinate and be slow getting started.

When selling to a C Style you need to make sure you have your facts straight. You can guarantee they will do other research, and they will struggle to buy from you if they do not respect your expertise. C Styles make excellent technical sales people who can assist a purchaser to make decision about which product or service will suit them best.

Extended DISC C StyleExtended DISC C Styles make excellent technical experts in any field. They are the specialists, IT technicians, engineers, compliance experts, accountants, systems analysts, auditors, administrators, policy experts, scientists, researchers and the like, in our society.

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