The People Factor

Studies have indicated that 15% of job success is based on technical competence while 85% is related to interpersonal skills. There is no doubt that the people factor is one of the most important issues to be dealt with as we strive for competitiveness and increased productivity.

Consistently, the top or second issue for business is recruiting and retaining the right people and then shaping them into motivated and well functioning teams.

I believe we have to bring new strategies to bear on this challenge. Increasingly it is agreed that People skills are central to personal and organizational success. Therefore it is my contention that Behavioural styles and Interpersonal approaches require the same rigorous analysis and training investment as technical areas.

Extended DISC and the People Factor

Learning how to effectively interact with persons does not come easily. Specific training is required! We have found a winning solution with the Extended DISC Professional Software.Extended DISC® Analyses provide customized and powerful reports that facilitate the management of individuals, teams and organizations in all spheres of the enterprise. They serve as a compass that guides organizations in identifying where they are and in determining where they need to be. Extended DISC® Analyses represent a structured framework for the more effective management of people and for fostering effective collaboration and enhanced productivity.

The Extended DISC Professional Suite also includes “Success with People” – a customizable online logistical and training support tool for our acclaimed Extended DISC® Personal Analysis assessment tool. Success with People, along with the companion Extended DISC® suite of tools, is a one-stop solution that can:

  1. Assess individuals professionally and coach them
  2. Identify behavioral gaps and bridge them
  3. Analyze teams and support their cohesiveness
  4. Analyze jobs and prepare people to fill them more effectively
  5. Study work pairs and coach them
  6. Get 360° feedback on individuals and guide their adjustments
  7. Complete organizational climate surveys and enhance morale

Extended DISC in support of Organizational Development

The Extended DISC® suite of tools will add value and sustainable profitability to your organization. Some practical applications are:

  1. Leadership, Management and Supervisory issues
  2. Interpersonal and Communication issues
  3. Work Pair, Team Cohesiveness and Team alignment issues
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Customer service
  6. Surveys
  7. Change Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  8. Recruitment and Employee retention
  9. Screening staff for promotion, assignment and career planning
  10. Human resource database management and analysis
  11. People development, Counselling and Coaching
  12. Job Analysis

Extended DISC closely parallels the BEST Personal Profiling Tools but offers several additional advantages:

  1. It is web-based, allowing for completion by clients prior to sessions
  2. It offers both word descriptions and graphic presentations of the styles
  3. It can produc analysis for team and for individuals
  4. It will allow for compilation of data and provide a base for research and analysis.

How to access your E-DISC Personal or Team Analysis

Any questions or comments about Extended DISC please leave a comment in the box below.



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