Effective self-leadership is like a garden that has been planned, organised and developed so that it is able to be fruitful in season. Instead of weeds and chaos there is order and increased hope of good things.

Self-Leadership involves taking full responsibility for all the varied aspects of one’s life, work and home-life, so as to increase order and levels of control.

Effective Self-Leadership enable you to live congruently with your values, life-rhythms and priorities. This reduces the chaos and overwhelm and increases your CAPACITY (margins, mind-space, creativity and strategic thinking).

This means there is more likely to be hope for positive outcomes even when unexpected and difficult situations arise.

Hope is Contagious!

The better a person leads themselves the more their personal inner hopefulness about life and the future increases. The beauty of hope is that it is contagious. When my hope increases, I also lift those around me.

There are external sources of hope, such as faith and the support of a great friend; but perhaps the most important source of hope is the one we give ourselves from within when we learn effective self-leadership.


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