Personality weaknesses can usually be accommodated

There is a difference between your personality and your character.

Some aspects of your personality are given. They are part of you.

For example, you may be an excellent people person who connects easily with all types of people. However, that may mean you find managing details and processes more challenging. If you were to try to change your personality and perform a role that takes you away from people and requires you to be grasping large amounts of detail, it would require a lot of energy for you. You may do it. Even well for a while. But it will require you to go against your natural personality.

To maximise your life it is best to flow with your personality strengths, rather than committing huge amounts of effort to try to develop your weaknesses.

Character weakness cannot be ignored

In terms of your character, it is very important to know and work on your weaknesses. For example, if you have developed the habit of losing your temper when things do not go your way that is not a personality weakness. It is a character flaw that can and should be overcome. Character flaws need to be brought out into the open and worked on. Left unattended they have the potential to completely sabotage your life.

Developing healthy self-respect demands that you admit and deal with your character flaws. It is hard to respect yourself when you habitually act in ways that hurt yourself or others. It takes humility and courage to be willing to do whatever it takes to work on your personal growth. This may involve seeking out professional help to deal with insecurities, addictions, fears, guilt, areas of vulnerability, and self-sabotaging behaviours you and others notice about yourself.

Take responsibility for your character

Unhealthy work dynamics and practices are often the product of leaders of weak or corrupt character. In the past, often due to a flawed concept of loyalty, people seemed to tolerate such behaviours and foster a world of secrets. This often led to powerful people thinking they were exempt from accountability. For example, there is no place in the 21st century world for the proud insecure patriarch who has all kinds of quirky vices which are somehow covered over and therefore perpetuated by those close to him.

Healthy self-respect demands that you take responsibility for yourself long before relationships or laws catch up with you. Confidence and inner strength comes from strength of character. Strength of character is not perfection. Strength of character flows from authenticity that knows and admits weakness, and has learned to manage areas of vulnerability with both internal and external safeguards.

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself and those close to you will be paid for through the hard work you will do to build or rebuild your self-respect by overcoming your own flawed character tendencies.


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