Busy people struggle with capacity. They are always looking for short cuts to get things done more quickly. Some short cuts are great, e.g. learning how to record TV programs on your DVD Recorder so you never have sit through advertisements again.

However, there are no short cuts to learning effective self-leadership. Your capacity in life is directly proportional to your self-leadership.

What is Self-Leadership?

Self-Leadership is all about learning self-respect, self-care and self-management.

Self-respect means I am living congruently to my values. I have become comfortable living in my own skin.

Self-care means I know myself well. I have learned how to replenish myself consistently so I always have energy for high impact times.

Self-management means I know and live by my priorities. The main things always get done.

5 ways to increase your capacity

  1. When you lead yourself well, you will always ensure there are margins in your life. They will be scheduled in your calendar. This allows you time to replenish your energy so you have sufficient mind-space to be creative and strategic. Margins reduce chaos and overwhelm and increase CAPACITY.
  2. Effective self-leadership leads to: health (both physical and emotional), energy (for when you need it) and sustainability (long term effectiveness)
  3. Effective self-leadership develops increased resilience, and improved mental health. This is because the mind and emotions work best when there is order. Order comes from good planning which is easier than you think even for disorganised people.
  4. Effective self-leadership means you are more likely to make good decisions more often. This is because you know your boundaries – what you can and cannot do, what you will and will not do. Boundaries make it much easier to say ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!’ peacefully and guilt free.
  5. Effective Self-leadership means you can persevere. When you lead yourself well, you develop your will to persevere at whatever you do. This is because you only do things that are connected to purpose (self-respect). You have the energy to persevere (self-care) and you have the ability to persevere (self-management). You will also have sufficient mind-space to see when a strategic withdrawal is the best course of action.

Leading yourself well is a great investment. The result is increased capacity to do life well.


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