The power of consistency

My first daughter taught me to be consistent. She was two and I was 30. She was much more determined than me to do the thing she wanted to do. It’s called being strong willed. Two-year olds are renowned for their tantrums and saying ‘no’ as they go through the...

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Why a mentor is helpful for business success

A mentor is a bit like a zoom lens. They will help you zoom out to see the big picture panoramic view of your business dreams, and they will assist with the close-up view of the problems and roadblocks that need specific attention as well.

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Personal growth is a MUST, not a MAYBE.

Personal growth does not just happen. Change happens all around us every day. Much of it is negative. If you are going to make sure you are continually growing as an adult, you need to be deliberate about it. Many adults stopped growing years ago. They are now...

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