Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully, making a booking from this site indicates that you accept these terms.

MS Bookings provides the platform for this booking but your booking is made directly with John Drury who is responsible for resolving any issues with you.

If for any reason you have any issues with making a booking with John, please email john@johndrury.biz


Booking Terms and Conditions:


1. While all diligence will be applied to following through with your booking time and means (phone or video call), John Drury reserves the right to change the time without notice.

2. Please make sure you have completed the questions associated with the booking to maximise your consultation with John.

3. If a booking is cancelled or rescheduled, we will use reasonable endeavours to notify the person making the booking of the cancellation. Please note that we cannot guarantee that notification will be made of such cancellation before the time of the booking.

4. All terms and conditions are governed by Australian Law.


Updated 7 September 2022

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