NFP Leadership Solutions

NFP Leadership Solutions (Not-for-Profit)

Our NFP Leadership Solutions are guaranteed to maximise the value of your funding dollar!

Senior Managers Meeting

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation – Tell us the outcome you want and we will provide an interactive and highly effective process to enable your key decision makers to develop a workable strategic plan for your Not-for-Profit organisation. (This works best if you take them away off-site for a day or two)


  • Leadership Training – Highly practical training for managers and/or teams that will help them really switch on and release their potential as leaders who can bring about the results you want in your organisation. This training will enable all your staff and volunteers to step up and make a difference!


  • Building Healthy Culture – We have developed a proven process to assist organisations to build healthy culture over a 6-12 month period. Once you have healthy culture you need less rules and it is much easier to induct new staff and add new members. Everything works so much more smoothly when the organisational culture is working for you


  • Team BuildingThese are highly effective team building days or sessions guaranteed to get your people laughing together and sharing with a deeper level of connectedness essential to build trust and cohesion for a more effective workplace.


  • CEO/EO Coaching – Our coaching will enable you to become the best you can be to lead your organisation. With a background in building and leading a large Not-for-Profit we understand specific issues such as: working with Board, leading and inspiring volunteers, training up leaders, working within strict budgets, meeting expectations.


  • MasterMind Groups for CEO’s & EO’s – We are developing opportunities for MasterMind Think Tank Groups for Leaders of Not-for-Profit organisations. This will enable you to meet with leaders at the same level in your sector to grow your leadership, to expand ideas, to build connections and to raise the bar of what is possible.

NFP Leadership Solutions


Our NFP Leadership Solutions will enable your Not-for-Profit organisation to develop a workable strategic plan clearly understood and owned by managers and staff. We will assist you to build a dynamic team at the heart of your organisation bound together by a healthy organisational culture. This will reduce so many of the internal people problems that slow an organisation down and will result in being able to serve more people and achieving your organisation’s true mission.


John Drury facilitated a 3 day workshop for the PSI Management team in March 2011.

The workshop included one day of structured team building and organizational strengthening and two days, building on the work of the first day, reviewing the organizations core values and strategic directions. This culminated in the development of a revised document reflecting the above.

I can highly recommend John’s approach, style, process and the outcomes we achieved.

The managers all enjoyed the experience and found it highly valuable.

From an organizational and value for money perspective the investment we made in John’s services will I am sure serve us for years to come, and we look forward to working with him in the future .”

Kari I’Anson

Executive Officer Peppercorn Services Inc.

+61 2 4587 0204


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