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Leadership Experience of John Drury

John Drury

After more than 25 years of senior leadership experience in the Not-for-Profit sector, and 2 years successfully managing a small business in Western Sydney, John launched Summit Leadership Solutions in May 2010.

The community organisation John led in the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia, grew from just a handful to over 1000 people involved locally. We were also serving many people in the local community each month and thousands more through significant partnerships in 5 other nations.

John’s leadership experience enables him to understand the very different challenges that face a leader as an organisation grows:

  • Startup and small – the leader has to be involved and willing to do everything,
  • Medium size – the leader knows everyone but needs to focus on training leaders who have caught the vision and embody the values. Helps to establish healthy culture.
  • Larger – the leader needs to work through his main leadership group and let go of much of the detail of running things to focus on the bigger picture (macro not micro).

John’s leadership experience covers many areas including:

  • how to build a team from 0 – 40 paid staff
  • how to raise significant funds for operations and for buildings ($2m annual budget in 2007, and
  • how to train leaders (both paid and volunteers).
  • how to create healthy workplace culture

John’s leadership experience has taught him that the same principles of leadership work well with volunteers and paid staff. The bottom line is that people love being part of a healthy organisation where they are valued. They love being  where there is a chance to grow. They want to be making a difference, in a place where they can build great relationships.

John is married to Jo, and is the father of 3 amazing adult daughters and is a very energetic and proud ‘Pop’ to 3 beautiful grandchildren. He loves to be physically fit believing regular exercise to be a key to both physical and mental health.

For all enquiries about our services please contact either by phone or email.

Contact Details:
John Drury
E: john@summitleadershipsolutions.com.au
P: +61405 539 025

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