Extended DISC

Extended DISC

Extended DISC Personal Analysis is a highly accurate and objective tool that will help you to get the right people in the right positions in your team.

Extended DISC

The basic DISC profile has been available for many years. It is a good tool which has helped many to understand the dominant personality type of those who do the simple test. The main thesis of DISC is that people fall into four main personality types which are Dominance, Influencer, Steadiness and Conscientious (hence the D.I.S.C. profile).

DISC works with 16 variations of the 4 main personality types. It is a personality profiling tool.

So what is Extended DISC? 

Extended DISC analysis is like DISC on steroids. By tapping into the sub-conscious as well as the conscious mind, it accurately predicts behaviour as well as personality. Instead of DISC’s 16 variables, Extended DISC works with 160 variables of behavioural analysis to produce an extraordinarily accurate picture of an individual and how they are likely to perform in their work environment matched against their natural style.

After doing the Extended DISC test online (which takes about 15 minutes) each individual receives a 24 page report. This report (when unpacked with a trained consultant) is of tremendous value to the person and to an employer or team leader.

The benefits of Extended DISC include a very clear picture of:        Extended DISC

  • a person’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • a person’s motivators and demotivators
  • how they will relate in a team
  • what tasks require high levels of energy and which ones are easier….and so much more

Extended DISC has been shown to be 90% accurate in over 100,000 individual cases worldwide. The Extended DISC test can be done in many languages of an individual,  a work pair, or a whole team. This tool assists in pinpointing the key issues and providing a range of invaluable resources to enable companies and organisations to get the right people in the right positions.

John Drury is a fully accredited consultant and practitioner of Extended DISC.

For information about how Extended DISC can work for you and your business or your corporate team please contact Summit Leadership Solutions by phone: 0405 539 025, or by email: john@johndrury.biz

Testimonials for Extended DISC:

  • “Recently I did a 12 week block of coaching with John Drury which also included an Extended DISC profile and I have to say I was very impressed. After going through an in depth report that was presented to me at my following coaching session with John I was amazed  and surprised by the accuracy of the report. Not only did it confirm things that on some level I already knew but it uncovered a whole heap of other things that I wasn’t even aware of. It explained a lot about why I do things in a certain way and why I procrastinated on other stuff. All in all I think it is a fantastic tool to identify areas of strength and areas that could be improved upon. It is an excellent personal growth tool and an excellent business building tool. I think all business owners and staff should have an E-DISC profile done as a matter of course, you’ll really learn a lot from what you find out.”  Chris Green, Superior Sales & Marketing Pty Ltd, Richmond, NSW.


  • “I did find Extended DISC very useful and insightful both in the session and on an ongoing basis – It has helped identify some of the more layered performance aspects I want to work on – and to think through the challenges and strengths I possess in undertaking my role.I think the benefit to my practice will be ongoing and as I reflect back I can see even more in the report that is useful.I think many managers could benefit from this approach, particularly those who may have been practicing for many years – as the E-DISC allows for reflective practice  on skills and areas for growth in a non threatening way.  However I also think it important to note that your skill in presenting and working with the findings, has been an important part of the process.” Kari I’Anson, Executive Officer, Peppercorn Services Inc, Windsor.


To organise your personal Extended DISC analysis please contact John Drury –  by phone: 0405 539 025  or by email: john@johndrury.biz


For further information about Extended DISC please go to Extended DISC Australasia.

Have a look at how Extended DISC is being powerfully used by an innovative Rehabilitation Consultant (Purple Co – the Purpose for People Company) as part of their process to assist clients back to work.

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