Business Leadership Solutions

Business Leadership Solutions

We have a range of business leadership solutions guaranteed to get the best out of your people and add to your bottom line.


  • Team Alignment – We help you make sure you have the right people in the right positions where everyone knows their role and is working together as part of a highly productive team to achieve YOUR goals.
  • Healthy Culture – We have developed a process by which an organisation can develop a healthy culture, and int he process eliminate all the negatives of a toxic environment. Happy empowered employees create a workplace with lower staff turnover and all the associated costs. Can you imagine what it costs you to hire and train new employees, plus what you lose in team synergy and productivity every time someone moves on?
  • Ongoing Team Selection – Using our extensive CEO experience as well as our accreditation in E-DISC Personal and Team Analysis and Social & Emotional Intelligence Assessments we are qualified to help your business ensure that any new team members are a great fit.

Executive Leadership Solutions

  • Executive Coaching – one-on-one focus that enables CEO’s and Senior Managers to grow to lead and control their world
  • Executive Team Coaching – one-to-two-or-more coaching that releases synergy between key players in an organisation
  • Team Leadership Training – assisting you to align your team to your corporate vision


Business Leadership Solutions

Team Leadership Solutions

  • Facilitate Team Building Sessions either in-house or away to achieve specific agreed outcomes
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning sessions or retreats to achieve specific agreed outcomes
  • Leadership Training to develop up-and-coming leaders


E-DISC and S&EI Accreditation

Summit Leadership Solutions is a fully accredited consultant and practitioner of Extended DISC (E-DISC) and Social & Emotional Intelligence (S&EI) .

E-DISC and S&EI analysis are powerful tools that provide accurate objective data on your personality type and predicts your behaviour in the workplace. These assessments can be done as a 360 reveiw as well.

After doing the multiple choice test (which takes about 15 minutes online) each individual receives an extensive report. This report (when unpacked with a trained consultant) is of tremendous value. Individuals gain massive self-understanding of strengths and weaknesses, motivators and demotivators, how they will relate in a team, what tasks require high levels of energy and which ones are easy….and so much more. Team Leaders gain invaluable insight into individuals and the strengths and weaknesses of their team.

For more information about how E-DISC and S&EI can work for you, your business or your corporate team please contact Summit Leadership Solutions by phone: 0405 539 025, or by email:

For further information about E-DISC please follow this link:

For further information about S&EI please follow this link:

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