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Business Mentor

The key to sustainable business success is personal growth. You are the lid on your business.
It’s time to work on you, so you can give your team the leadership they deserve.

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C-Suite Mentor

Business success is great IF your life is strong. It’s time to make sure your corporate role works for you, not just everyone else. You need to plan your life as well as your business.

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Work-life balance is a myth. The 21st Century marketplace is all consuming. You will NOT live the life you want without a deliberate plan. Integration inspires ‘whole of life’ success.

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John Drury
Business Mentor

Are you wondering if it is possible to achieve business success AND have a great lifestyle? Do you feel like you are nearing the limits of your capacity? Everywhere you turn, does it feel like there are always more things to do? Is there often tension about priorities between business and home?

What if I told you that the way forward is not just about working harder? It is about working on yourself. It’s time to take a fresh look at who you are, and make some decisions about what you really want in your life. Then create and implement a plan that enables you to make changes you need to make to achieve the progress you desire in business AND across the important areas of your life.

Who is John Drury to be able to help you?

In 2007 I went through a very painful burnout experience after 24 years in a very demanding senior leadership role. I lost my way and made some dumb personal decisions that led to the loss of my career and my family. It was a long journey back to a place of wholeness and then to renewed sense of purpose. I had forgotten how to look after myself’. The lessons I learned about myself have enabled me to help hundreds of business owners and corporate executives. It has become my passion to assist high achievers to avoid the pain of burnout, and to fulfil their potential across their life.

Why work-life
balance is a myth

John’s book, ‘INTEGRATE’ challenges busy people to rethink their approach to life and work.

The old concept of work-life balance is a myth. The passion to succeed and a 24/7 Smart phone dominated life makes the concept of balance unhelpful and unworkable.

A 21st Century approach is needed!

INTEGRATING work with all that is precious in your life is the only way forward.

This book enables high achievers to see how they can pursue their goals and build a great lifestyle while they do it.

Download your free copy of the first chapter of INTEGRATE here...


John was interviewed on The Daily Edition about
his book Integrate and ‘work-life balance.


John spoke to David Lewis from the Mentor List about his painful personal
journey that led him to where he is today, and how anyone can make
changes in their life to build the life they want.


After you have been in business for a while, It’s difficult to find a business mentor that truely adds real worth. John was one someone of real worth for us.

The extended disc profiling tool he used was far above the usual profiling tools I have experience. John was able to masterfully use this process as a surgeon would use a knife. He peeled back the layers of the way we worked and showed us how it could work better.

I feel this process alone was invaluable. It showed us insights that transformed the way we saw ourselves and our staff, and allowed us to overcome communication barriers that were stunting our potential for growth.

John has my highest recommendation and I welcome any enquiries regarding our time with him.

Wayne Lazarides

Principal - Inkredible Rebranding

I can heartily recommend John as a speaker or workshop leader for any business setting. He relates well to his audience delivering a message that is clear and relevant to busy people doing business in the 21st Century marketplace.

David Simpson

CEO - The Edge Group

Working with John has helped our team understand each others natural working styles. The Extended DISC profiles we participated in were very insightful, and totally non judgemental. It simply highlighted areas in which we work effortlessly. Hence giving us clarity in assigning tasks. As a result the level of frustrations have been reduced and we have achieved better efficiency in our work process as the right tasks are being assigned to the right people.

The process John took us through was different to other Business Mentoring processes we have experienced. I felt it was very practical and we walked away with skills to be able to perform better at work. John was very hands on in the process and really helped us work through challenges until we found a resolution.

As a bonus the same skills learned, are also useful in personal life! I highly recommend John Drury if you are willing and open to personal growth.

Sandra Lazarides

Managing Director - Inkredible Rebranding

John has been working with myself and my team for the last two years. He has helped me specifically in team structure and getting to the key issues very quickly… which have led to making strategic and wise decisions.

With a complex operation, John also is an invaluable part of my team now by keeping myself on track with my bigger picture goals.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending John for coaching and mentoring in team, management and leadership training and solutions.

David Croft

Director - LMLS Group Pty Limited

I have benefited greatly from my coaching sessions with John Drury both professionally and personally.
He has helped improve my effectiveness as a manager by identifying areas for greater focus and
solutions for overcoming what at times previously felt like impossible demands on my time and energy.
With John’s fantastic encouragement and astute insight, I feel far better equipped to deal with the daily
challenges of my increased responsibilities at work. I can thoroughly recommend him as a coach who
will reinvigorate your approach to many things in your life, whether that be at work or at home.

Troy Craig

Managing Director - Jones Lang Lasalle Hotels(Sydney)

John Drury for Summit Leadership Solutions facilitated a 3 day workshop for the PSI Management team in March 2011.

The workshop included one day of structured team building and organizational strengthening and two days, building on the work of the first day, reviewing the organizations core values and strategic directions. This culminated in the development of a revised document reflecting the above.
I can highly recommend John’s approach, style, process and the outcomes we achieved.
The managers all enjoyed the experience and found it highly valuable.

From an organizational and value for money perspective the investment we made in John’s services will I am sure serve us for years to come, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Kari I'Anson

Executive Officer, Peppercorn Services Inc (Windsor, NSW)
INTEGRATE: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth | John Drury

Integrate: Why Work Life Balance is a Myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle

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